Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

I live and breathe photography. I love the energy, the challenge, the creativity and the new friends I make along the way.

Photography has been my job since 2003 and my passion for much longer. My best days are when I can head out with a camera to photograph families, both my own and those of my friends and clients.

My work as a family photographer in London is highly-regarded within the industry and my photographs have been published across the globe. And I’m proud to be the only family photographer in Europe to be a prestigious ambassador for Canon, the largest camera manufacturer in the world.

I was in my teens when I first took photographs of children. The young students at my mother’s nursery school were willing subjects and I hand-printed the black and white images in our darkroom at home before selling them to very pleased parents. I continued this job throughout my History undergraduate degree at Cardiff University and then during my MPhil in Medieval History at the University of Cambridge.

After graduating in 2003, I set up Helen Bartlett Photography specialising in natural pictures of children and families taken exclusively in black and white.

Within the photographic industry, my work has been recognised both nationally and internationally, and published in books and magazines.

I have lectured on photography throughout the UK, training the next generation of professional children’s photographers, and have presented my work to audiences at such prestigious venues as Apple’s flagship London store on Regent Street and the Canon stage at the NEC in Birmingham.

When I am not working hard for my clients, the chances are you will find me taking family portraits for my friends, enjoying landscape and street photography, going to photography exhibitions or reading photography books.

I also love cooking, crime fiction (particularly Agatha Christie), good films, great beers and board games.

Great photographs remind us how things were and make us value how things are now.

What photography means to me

What photography means to me

My work is based upon a passionate belief in the value and importance of photography. It is a medium through which, in a fraction of a second, we can freeze time and record forever moments of joy, wonder, happiness, quiet contemplation and great good humour: all the myriad of emotions that make a family bond.

I believe that good photography can hold a key to a memory and transport us back to a time and a place, to a person and a feeling. Great photographs remind us how things were and make us value how things are now.
Looking back at my childhood photographs, I often find myself picking up the phone just to check in with my mum or one of my brothers, reminded by a glance at the wall just how important they are to me.

Why I believe in bespoke family photography

I’m dedicated to making sure that each shoot captures each individual family in a way that is special to them. No two families are the same and no two photoshoots are the same. We work around your habits and your routines, including your favourite activities so your pictures reflect who you are and what your children enjoy.

I’m not the cheapest photographer in London but I believe that I offer great value with an excellent service. I take enormous pride in my work, producing beautiful imagery and delivering it using the finest materials to
the highest standards.

I look after you every step of the way ensuring a peerless experience for each client. From taking beautiful photographs to helping you decide how best to display the images, you’ll enjoy a truly bespoke service.

I’m delighted to have a high return rate from clients, with many families returning year-on-year to update their pictures.