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Family photography in Greenwich


Today’s blog post features something a bit different for me – an adult family photo shoot in Greenwich, South East London. It makes a lovely change capturing family pictures without any children running around – you never find that one of the member of the party has disappeared into the distance chasing a squirrel!

We had a wonderful time in Greenwich Park taking photographs. The occasion was Alison and Nicola’s parents’ wedding anniversary and the family felt it was time to update their pictures, the last time being when the girls were in their teens.

It was lovely to capture photographs of Alison and Nicola with their parents, and also with their respective husband and partner Paul and Dan. It’s always lovely take portraits of adults – I think it is something we often forget to do. Family shoots when we are children, then wedding photographs, then family shots with our own kids are all popular, but somehow shots that show us relaxing as adults are less common. It’s a shame as they are lovely images to have.

I do hope you enjoy this selection of family portraits from our shoot in Greenwich, South East London.

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