Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Adult portrait photography in Kensington


There is nothing better than having a brief of ‘be creative’ and so I was thrilled to hear from Helen, who I first met a few years ago when we both lived in Cambridge, to arrange some portrait photographs with this exact brief.

I always try to do something a little bit different with my photography – I want to stretch myself and provide my clients with really interesting, individual images that won’t look like identikit portrait photographs that can be bought from any studio up-and-down the country. I really want to show my client’s personality and produce something really special and unique for them.

Helen is amazing fun to work with – full of ideas, and with a great knowledge of art and photography – and also fabulous fun to chat to. We explored the V&A museum in Kensington together, which provided a fantastic location for the shoot. We had a great time taking these pictures and I hope you will enjoy something a little bit different from today’s blog post.

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