Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Nominated in the International Awards for Black and White Photography


When I’m not out taking photographs of children I’m often out with my camera for fun. I love landscape photography and street photography, different genres where I can explore techniques and often bring what I have learnt back into my portrait work.

I often use different cameras for this work, particularly my dad’s beloved Leica which I enjoy using for street photography – a completely different way of working with a manual rangefinder, it slows me down and I really enjoy the process of seeing in a different way.

Sometimes, a day of photography on the streets of London and I’ll come back with nothing great to show for it, other times the stars align and I make a photograph that I know I will love for years to come.

This image taken at the Tate, and which won me the accolade of Runner Up in the Professional Photographer of the Year competition is one of those pictures.

I recently entered it in the Black and White Spider Awards – an International Award honoring black and white photography that is now in it’s eleventh year.

I was thrilled to be a nominee in the silhouette category for this image. With over 7600 entries into this category from 74 countries this is a huge honor and I’m very humbled to have done so well.

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