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At Home Photo Session with Four Month Old Baby Oscar


I was so thrilled when Lauren contacted me to photograph her son Oscar. Chatting on the phone before the session I knew we would get on brilliantly and have a great time.

When I arrived Oscar was asleep (never wake a sleeping baby is definitely one of my golden rules on a photo shoot) and so we enjoyed a coffee and chatted until he woke up. Lauren is in the process of refurbishing her new St John’s Wood home and so was keen to have some family portraits to hang on the wall once they moved in. We chatted about the area – my older brother lives in St John’s Wood so I know it well – and all the great things that London has to offer for children. I really think it is one of the most incredible cities to grow up.

When Oscar woke he greeted me with such a lovely smile and I knew I was in for a treat. He was so much fun to photograph, enjoying his time with his parents playing on their bed. He loved it when his parents gave him kisses and snuggles – giggling with glee, the most enormous smile on his face.

Oscar was four months old when we did our photo shoot and I was really impressed with his neck strength. He enjoyed some tummy time; laughing up at the camera and chatting away in baby speak. I love how babies interact with adults, gurgling and laughing and keeping up a form of conversation even before they have learnt any words.

Family portraits were great fun to do and are always so important – I think the shot I shared as my Just One is my favourite but there are so many lovely pictures to choose from with such a beautiful family. It’s lovely to have pictures with everyone in. I always like to provide variety in the images I take on my baby and family photo shoots and so I was sure to get lots of lovely details as well as the portraits and family photographs. I love the shot of Oscar holding his dad’s hand while being held by his mum, it’s an unusual angle and I think it works really well, showing the close bonds between each member of this loving family.

It was a great photo shoot and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I can’t wait for my next visit and to see the arrangement of eight framed family pictures that we have made hanging up on the wall in Lauren’s St John’s Wood home.

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