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Baby and Family Photography in Bushy Park in Twickenham


I had the most wonderful day photographing baby Rosie and her wonderful family in Bushy Park in Twickenham recently. Our photo shoot was scheduled for a week before Rosie’s first birthday and I have to say, that period between about 9 months and a year really is a complete and utter delight and one of my absolute favourite times to photograph babies. Rosie herself was a complete super-star, so full of personality and such fun, we really had the most wonderful time.

Bushy Park is a brilliant spot for family photography and one that I have not visited often – as soon as I arrived though I remembered it well from a previous, wonderful, family shoot there a couple of years ago which you can see here . It’s a great spot and really interesting with a lot of lovely backdrops for family photographs. We started with a few pictures of the family together but within seconds Rosie was keen to be down and walking – pushing her trusty V-Tech baby walker, every child’s favourite toy and every parents slight nightmare (I admit to buying it for friends only to be told that the random music and chimes have haunted the parents nightmares), the kids love it though and it is such a great design with the A-Frame so much more stable than the old fashioned (but admittedly much more stylish) trolley of bricks. But I digress, Rosie loves it and was off, pushing it around the park ably helped by her daddy and even chasing him if he got in the way of her assigned pathway.

Alice had bought a selection of Rosie’s favourite things to the park – always a great idea as it keeps the children so happy and also means that little family favourites are recorded in these pictures, pictures that will be kept and looked back on for years to come. I love the shots of Rosie reading with her parents and her hilarious, and completely and utterly absorbed concentration when reading on her own.

Walking is a work in progress as I mentioned but standing and holding onto things is a real favourite and this activity provided a wonderful amount of photographic material – lovely benches giving a frame that I could work with to create a number of really interesting and varied compositions that really captured Rosie’s concentration as she worked on her standing and her looks of absolute triumph as she turned to her parents ‘look mummy and daddy, look at me, I’m so clever, I can STAND’ Looking at them now as I write this blog post I can’t help buy smile, she really did capture my heart.

After the park we headed home for a few last shots – we wanted to capture some images of Rosie in her nursery, such important pictures for the family to have and I made sure to fit as many of the details into the composition – the pictures on the wall anchoring these pictures to this room and this time. We finished with a couple of bath shots, always a favourite and something I’ll often do at the end of a baby session – bath time is so important for families when the children are young and having high quality images that really captures all the fun of bubbles and splashing are a really lovely thing to have.

It was a wonderful session as you can see and I am thrilled with these baby and family photographs from our shoot in Bushy Park and at home in Twickenham. I hope you will like them as much as I do and if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot, either at Bushy Park or elsewhere in London then do get in touch, we still have some availability during the summer and we’d love to hear from you.

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