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Today I’m sharing a selection of images from a recent baby and family photography session in Kensington in West London. There’s always something incredibly flattering when I’m contacted by people abroad, I know it shouldn’t make a difference, Google works the same in New York as in London but it still feels exciting to be booked by someone the other side of the world. This was the case when Marilena’s friend booked a shoot as a gift for her birthday.

Whenever I’m asked for gift vouchers I do ask my clients to check with their friends that my style of photography is just what they are looking for. There are so many options out there for family portraits and it’s important that their friends love my natural style and black and white photographs. Luckily Marilena loved what she saw on my website and so we were in business.

We had an amazing day; the girls were such a lot of fun and so thrilled to be playing with each other and with their parents. We started indoors as baby Daphne wasn’t yet sitting up and so I felt that outside she would be so wrapped up we wouldn’t get the very best pictures of her – often with babies we will do at least some of the session indoors so they have a chance to roll round happily on their parents beds and have some pictures where they aren’t being held in their parents arms.

Then we headed out to the Kensington Gardens for a run around. It was a beautiful day with this stunning winter light we have in London and we had such a great time playing hide and seek and feeding the ducks before heading to the amazing playground for a quick go on the swings.

I love the variety of activities we can get up to in London’s incredible parks, from the basic back to nature feel of climbing trees and running around to the amazing facilities in the playground, we are very lucky to have such great parks on our doorsteps.

Marilena was so thrilled with her pictures and ordered a lovely selection to hang on the wall. I can’t wait to see them in situ in their beautiful Kensington home when we have our next family portrait session.

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