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Baby and family photography in Greenwich Park and Blackheath


I was lucky enough to visit my favourite London park for today’s baby and family photography session, which is Greenwich Park in Blackheath. This is the area of South London in which I grew up, so I always love the opportunity to revisit.

Blackheath is also where I started my children and family photography business almost twelve years ago, working from my parents’ house. Back then, I photographed a number of lovely families, and I was astonished and thrilled when I arrived at Cassie and Steve’s home for this photo shoot to discover that I had photographed Cassie, with her brothers and sisters, on one of my first ever professional photo shoots. I remember it so well. It was absolutely lovely to see Cassie again and to meet her new baby daughter, husband Steve and her lovely stepson Michal.

We had wonderful weather for our shoot – it was unseasonably warm for November and we headed straight out to Greenwich Park. A little rain didn’t daunt us and gave us a great excuse to start our session in the amazing trees in the flower garden. I think these are the best climbing trees in London (as a local, I might be a little biased especially as I learnt to climb in them myself). Baby Myla had a little nap when we arrived at the park so the session started with me photographing Michal, who had a brilliant time climbing trees, feeding squirrel, chasing squirrels and generally doing all those things that children love to do when they are in the great outdoors. Playing and having fun are the perfect activities for a children and family photo shoot, and as a photographer, I was thrilled to have such a brilliant subject for my portraits. These pictures in the trees are some of my favourites from the whole year.

When Myla woke up after her morning nap, we enjoyed taking some family photographs as well as lovely shots of the children playing together. Singing the song ‘row, row, row the boat’ was a favourite activity and I love how happy they both are together. The trees gave us wonderful soft light and such a great backdrop for pictures that really show the scale of the environment and will, I am sure, bring back such happy memories of Greenwich park to the children as they grow up.

For the final part of the session, we walked back to Cassie’s incredible Blackheath home for some indoor family and baby photographs – we wanted to capture some pictures of baby Myla where she could have a good roll around and a play without us having to constantly monitor how many leaves she was eating! I love these shots too, which show so much fun in the family dynamic.

I hope you enjoy these pictures from my baby, children and family photography session in Blackheath and Greenwich in South London SE3. If you live in the area and would like your own session – or elsewhere in London! – then please do contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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