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Baby portrait photography in Greenwich


It is always a real pleasure to have a shoot local to me in Blackheath, and so I was thrilled to jump on the bus down to Greenwich to visit Anita and Martin for some baby and family portrait photography.

I knew as soon as I arrived that I was in for a treat, as Erin gave me the biggest grin and our portrait session got off to a wonderful start. Erin was such a pleasure to photograph – such a happy, smiley baby and we spent the whole morning laughing and joking. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such a happy family.

We spent the first party of the portrait session at home, as babies are often at their best photographed indoors at this time of year when it is still pretty chilly outdoors. It was great fun, with Erin rolling around on her parents’ bed and having quite an exciting chat with the baby in the mirror.

Then, after a quick nap for Erin and coffee for the grown-ups, we wrapped-up warm and braved the cold as the light was beautiful for a quick trip to Greenwich Park for some outdoor family photographs. Greenwich Park is one of my favorite places in the world – growing up in Blackheath, it has such wonderful memories for me and is also a regular haunt now both for photo shoots, and also for running. The flower garden was at its best, bathed in astonishing low wintery light and the trees providing a wonderful backdrop.

Here are a few favorites from our session, I hope you enjoy them. If you would like me to visit and capture pictures of your own family, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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