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Baby and family portrait photography in North London


I love a local North London family photo shoot – it’s such a treat to sleep in a little later, jump on a bus from my home in Crouch End and still be at my client’s home by 7.30am ready to start the day. I was especially keen to meet Nicholette, as she is close friends with one of our favourite clients – I knew that I would have a lovely morning, and we certainly did.

It was a beautiful day for our photo shoot, and we headed out straight away to make the most of the incredible morning light, have the park to ourselves, and then head back home in time for Iris’s morning nap. We visited Finsbury Park for the first part of our shoot and while I have run round it a few times, it isn’t a park I know well so it was lovely to explore and we found some fantastic locations for our baby and family portrait photographs.

I love to incorporate the environment into my pictures, and I was thrilled with the image I used as the Just One preview image for this shoot, framing the family with this incredible majestic tree. I love the light on the family and the framing with the darker trees in the background, helping the family to really stand out, backlit to great effect.

Iris had a lovely time exploring the park, looking at leaves, lying on the grass laughing up at her parents, and particularly with the beautifully backlit grasses. My botanical knowledge is defeated by exactly what they were, but giant grasses at the top of the park made for some fabulous photos as Iris reached out to feel their lovely soft textures.

Then as we hit naptime and Iris began to get tired, we headed back to the family’s home. Iris slept happily in her buggy as we had a cup of coffee and then captured some pictures indoors at home. With babies under one, I love to be able to divide the shoot like this – half outside and half at home, as this gives us such different types of pictures.

Iris had a fabulous time rolling around and playing on her parents’ bed, and reading her favourite book – I’m also a big fan of Dear Zoo, it never fails to entertain. Iris also had a lovely time playing with favourite toys, particularly her bear and her ‘hippocorn’, a wonderful knitted cross between a hippo and a unicorn made by a family friend!

We had a wonderful morning together and took so many lovely pictures, I am absolutely thrilled with them. I hope you will like them too from our baby and family photography session in North London.

Do contact us if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot for your own family in North London or further afield – we would love to hear from you.

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