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Baby and family photography featuring nine month old twins in High Wycombe


Today’s blog post features some more pictures from a wonderful photo shoot just before Christmas with Liz and her beautiful nine month old twin girls. Nine months old is a wonderful age for photographing babies – they are always such a pleasure to be around, so full of smiles and giggles, and so cute and snuggly. Babies are usually sitting up very steady on their own by nine months, which means that the options for really varied and intereting photographs are much greater than when they are a little younger and needing pillows to prop them up. It’s truly one of my favorite ages for baby photographs.

We had the most lovely time photographing Jessica and Harriet, who were both an absolute joy. We started at home – or at their grandparents’ home in High Wycombe to be precise, as the family was visiting from Germany at the time of our session. I started by photographing them on the bed as this works really well with younger children. By raising them up off the floor, we are able to utilise the natural window light much better – otherwise, because they are still so small, babies can be caught in the shadows in a house, not bathed in lovely natural light.

The bed is also a lovely spot for the children – they always feel so happy on a nice soft surface that they can roll around on, or whilst sitting up, practicing crawling and generally being all snuggly and warm.

Once the children started to get a bit tired and nap time approached, we wrapped everyone up warm and headed outdoors for a bit of fresh air for the grown ups and a snooze in the pushchair for the twins before taking some shots outside. The twins had the most incredible snow suits I have ever seen – clearly Germany does these things very well, and they looked so sweet. As a Ghostbusters fan, I can’t help thinking of Mr Stay Puft when I see these – they make me laugh out loud, they are so cute.

Then it was back home and indoors for some shots of the girls just in their nappies with some cute little nappy cover knickers on. It’s lovely to capture some shots like this when the children are still so little – time flies so fast in the first few years and it won’t be long until they are toddling about. I do love to capture these fleeting moments before they are gone.

So here we are, some favourite pictures from our wonderful baby and family photo shoot – it was enormous fun and I hope you will enjoy them, this selection from our nine month old twins and family photography session in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

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