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Baby Photographer in Crouch End N8


On the blog today I’m pleased to be sharing some beautiful baby photographs from a shoot in Crouch End. I took these pictures just before Christmas and it’s lovely to have the decorations up on the walls, they really add to the imagery and the picture in front of the wall display is a real favourite of mine from last year – an image that will always bring back memories of baby Will’s first Christmas.

I’m lucky as I travel all over London for my work – exploring new areas and getting to know others like the back of my hand. It’s a wonderful city and I love the different feels to each area, they all have their own personalities and also, in many cases, different styles of architecture which really makes a difference to my photographs as I love to include my clients homes in their pictures.

It’s lovely to be close to home though, especially a treat to be able to walk to work and that was the case for this lovely baby photography session in Crouch End, a five minute walk up the road and I was there, ready to start the day.

We had a lovely time together, taking pictures and chatting. It was lovely to photograph Will as he smiled happily and played with his cuddly fox – images that would make perfect Christmas presents for all the family.

Babies grow so fast in their first year and it’s lovely to look back on Will’s previous newborn photography session in Crouch End and see all the changes. He was almost holding his head up unsupported here which is always such a delight, those ‘look at me, I’m so strong’ pictures followed by his head on his arms ‘hmm…this is nice and relaxing’ shots. I can’t wait to photograph him again when he’s sitting up so we have a wonderful photographic record of his first year.

I hope you like the pictures and I look forward to sharing some more from our next session soon. Do let me know if you are interested in arranging some photographs for your baby, I’d love to hear from you.

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