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Welcome to my blog. I’m Helen, a baby, newborn, and family photographer based in Crouch End.

I’ve been a professional photographer for twenty years and I offer the very best photography, combined with museum quality prints and albums, all in beautiful and timeless black and white.

Here you can find out more about me and the services I offer as a baby photographer in Crouch End N8.

A natural approach to photographing babies

I love to create beautiful photographs that you will love now but which also, and importantly, your babies will love when they are adults. This means I photograph with a very natural approach, avoiding elaborate set ups and props which can have an artificial feel and instantly date photographs. Instead, I focus on the real moments, the interactions between you and your family as you spend time together doing the things you love.

I always suggest clients have a think about the things they love to do together as a family and then we can include those in our photo shoot. Even with the youngest babies there are often little routines – where you read a story or the chair you like to snuggle in with your newborn if they need settling, the songs you sing together, or a favourite toy or teddy bear. These moments are fleeting and having pictures to transport you back will be something to treasure as the years go by.

Pictures in your home

With all baby and newborn sessions then I like to do part of the photo shoot in your home. This way you have everything you need to hand and means we can utilise that early morning slot between breakfast and your baby’s morning nap which is often a bit short to get out and about. Starting at 8am we have plenty of time for pictures working around your normal schedule and doing half the session indoors and half outside works brilliantly to give you maximum variety from your pictures.

Photos taken in your home will be full of memories, these are pictures to last a lifetime.  Read on to find out more about my work as a baby photographer in Crouch End N8.

Ally Pally, Queens Wood, Highgate Wood, Finsbury Park and Hampstead

For the second half of your baby photography session in Crouch End we can head out and about. We are so lucky in our lovely corner of London to have so many fantastic green spaces available for our photo shoots. Queens Wood and Highgate Woods are favourites of mine as are Ally Pally, Finsbury Park, and even Hampstead Heath is only a short hop away in the car.

Have a think about where you enjoy going most with your baby and what you like to do, is your baby still tiny and you walk through the trees with them snuggled in a sling, or are they crawling, exploring, and enjoying the swings? We do the things you love to do and that way your pictures will have special resonance as your child grows up.

Your baby with their older siblings

It’s always a joy to see older brothers and sisters playing with their new baby sibling and family dynamics are one of my favourite things to photograph. As one of four children myself I’m well used to the chaos of large families and I love creating beautiful pictures from all the moments of your day, the loving cuddles between siblings as well as the moments when they all want to do different things.

Over the course of a morning photographing your baby, I’ll create a wonderful array of pictures for you which will include family pictures and pictures of your children together as well as stunning individual portraits and images as they play and interact, oblivious to the camera and focused on the fun they have together.

Black and white baby and family photography

I love black and white photography and feel it is the perfect medium for family photography as it’s so timeless. I’ve been working professionally for over twenty years now and I’ve seen so many trends in colours come and go – both in what we wear and how we decorate our homes, but also in prints we get back from labs. If you look at colour prints from ten, twenty, thirty years ago, you can see the fading and the focus is always on the colour itself, what we were wearing, what the weather was like, the colour of that sofa in the background we can miss the important things.

With black and white you remove these distractions and focus on the essentials. The people in the pictures, the interactions, and relationships. With black and white we look closer, we look longer.

Most importantly, these images will not date, they will look as fantastic in forty years time when your children are showing the photos to their own families, as they do now and that’s a very special thing. To see how images fit seamlessly together over time when taken in black and white look at my growing up galleries where you can see progress over time and the power of my natural approach to family photography.  I hope you will like what you see and be keen to book me as your baby photographer in Crouch End N8.

Prints and Albums

I’m a great believer in the power of print – images on the wall that make us smile every day, beautiful albums that we can look through with our loved ones, these are wonderful things to have. I also know that having the digital files can be great, for sharing with family and friends and for making additional prints.

Most of my clients choose to purchase prints and albums to the point where I include the digital files (for current pricing please refer to my prices page). This way they get the best of both worlds, beautiful prints that will last a lifetime and the flexibility of making more in the future.

Prints are made on fine art papers and framed in hand-made, museum quality frames. Our albums are a thing of beauty with custom designs for you and your family and a wide range of stunning covers and personalisation available.

A bit about me

It’s always nice to know who you will be working with and I’m always happy to chat on the phone or arrange a zoom call before your session. I’ve been working as a professional family photographer since 2003 so I have a wealth of experience behind me and I’m the only family photographer in Europe to be recognised as a prestigious brand ambassador for Canon for my pioneering work in the family photography field.

When I’m not photographing families, I love to hang out in our beautiful local area and you can often find me walking or running in Highgate Wood, Queens Wood and Alexandra Palace or enjoying a film at the ArtHouse or the Picturehouse before diner at Tomo, my favourite Crouch End restaurant.

In the press

The press page on my website has examples of where my work has been shared nationally and internationally with features as far afield as the USA and China. If you choose me to photograph your family, you will be in excellent hands and can expect the highest quality photography and superb customer service from start to finish. My business is based on repeat customers being thrilled with the experience. I’d love to work with you to create something wonderful.

Frequently asked questions

I hope that I’ve covered most of your questions here in my blog about baby, newborn and family photography in Crouch End N8.  If you have any more then please drop me a line via the contact form or give me a call.

A few others that are often asked and which I’ve answered in longer blog posts are ‘what to wear for my family photography session’ and ‘what’s the best age to photograph my baby’.  For current prices please see my prices and products page on the website.

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