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Baby photography in Balham, London SW12


I love photographing children of all ages – from those first tiny newborn days to cool and trendy teens finding their way out into the world, children are a real joy to photograph but I will admit to having a few favourite ages. Moments in time which just work so well in pictures, and babies around a year old is one of my favourite ages. I was really looking forward to this family and baby portrait photography session in Balham with Chiara to celebrate her first birthday. At about a year old, babies are very much still baby-like but they have so much personality too – the laughter, giggles and expressions that will stay with them throughout their lives are in evidence. It’s a joy to behold.

It was a cold morning when I travelled to Balham in South West London for our baby and family portrait photography session, but as soon as I clapped eyes on Chiara with her massive smile, it felt as if the sun had come out – I knew I was in for an absolute treat.

We had such a wonderful morning together. We started our session taking portrait photographs of baby Chiara and her family in their beautiful Balham home – capturing images that will be so treasured as the years go by with favorite toys nad games. Chiara was just learning to pull herself up and stand, and so leaning on the back and side of the bed caused much joy as she revelled in her new found independence (with mum and dad on hand to check she didn’t fall). Chiara had some of the most beautiful knitted toys I have ever seen and the elephant and other animals reflected her South African roots (and a very loving grandmother if memory serves, the gorgeous elephant toy must have taken so long to knit).

It was then time for Chiara’s mid-morning nap before some more playing indoors in the family’s Balham house. I love the big wooden cupboard in the playroom – the doors made such a good backdrop and it must seem like the biggest treasure trove possible for Chiara as each door opened to reveal her favourite toys.

Then, before everyone got too tired, we thought we would head outdoors for some pictures at the park. It was still raining a bit but not too much and certainly not enough to put us off. We packed the umbrella and headed out to Wandsworth Common – just a short walk from the family’s home and a great spot for some outdoor baby and family portrait photographs. As a London-based photographer, it is a real favourite place of mine.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the shoot – I do hope you enjoy this selection of photographs from our baby and family portrait shoot in Balham in South West London.

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