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Baby Photography in Battersea, West London


Baby Photography in Battersea

Today I’m thrilled to be sharing some beautiful images from a baby photography session in Battersea. These last few weeks getting back to work have been pure joy.  A month in now and I feel completely settled back in my role as a London based baby and family photographer, travelling around this wonderful city and meeting and photographing lovely people.  It’s so good to be back.  On the days I’m not photographing then I’m at my computer, busily processing pictures and preparing them for client viewings. Soon I’ll be adding checking albums and frames, and sending those out, to my daily to-do list.  Business is in full swing and it’s marvellous.

Our baby photography session in Battersea was such great fun.  A brilliant day with so many wonderful elements – indoor pictures, outdoor pictures, pictures of the cutest baby and her beaming proud parents and grandmother. Family love is a joy to behold and seeing and photographing this adorable baby with her parents made me so happy.

Our session also coincided with that wonderful peak of spring blossoms which has been so glorious this year.  Battersea Park was in full bloom for our baby photography session and so it was a real pleasure to incorporate the beauty of nature into the pictures, finding different angles and approaches for a varied and creative set of images.

This photograph of mother and baby, framed by the branches and blossoms might be an all-time favourite picture. I love the timeless feeling of the image and how it looks so serene, as if it’s something from a fairy story or a poem. It’s the type of picture to transport us back to summer days as children, lying on the grass and marvelling at the huge world around us but safe and secure too with our family close by, a glorious image.

Another picture in the same tree provides variety and contrast, a portrait of this beautiful baby, laughing so happily as she looks straight into the camera.  I love how we get such a feeling for her personality here, big smile, huge eyes, such a beautiful baby and so full of character.  The details warm my heart too, it’s her grandmother’s hands holding her up, her grandmother who was such fun to meet, so thrilled with her baby granddaughter and also with all the sights and sounds of London as we explored Battersea Park on our baby photography session.

The final picture, because I thought I’d share three, is a wonderful family portrait.  Classic and yet contemporary, with the family beautifully framed by these magnificent trees.  This is the kind of image that looks so brilliant printed large and framed on the wall, a piece of art as much as a portrait and just the type of creative family photography that I love.

And this is just the start of it, there are so many beautiful images from this baby photography session in Battersea. If you would like to book your own baby portrait session with me this year, then do get in touch soon. Weekends are pretty much booked up until August with only limited availably until October.  There are more midweek options from June onwards though and I’d love to meet you and your family.

Until then, enjoy the photographs and have a lovely day!