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Baby Photography in Bermondsey


Brilliant Fun Taking Baby Photos in Bermondsey

Today I’m pleased to share a sneak preview from a wonderful baby photography session in Bermondsey. One of the most fun things about photographing in people’s homes is that I get an immediate sense of personality as soon as I walk through the door and sometimes you know immediately that you are going to have a brilliant time.  When I first met Holly and Jeffrey this was one of those moment. I already knew they were going to be lovely as I’d been recommended to them by a photographer friend and friends in common is always a good thing. But then, to see a bookshelf full of a combination of the Sci-Fi books my husband adores and Medieval History, well, I knew I was in good company, and this was before I had even met their baby boy, one of the most delightful children I’ve been lucky enough to photograph.  We were set up for a brilliant day.

And a brilliant day it was. Starting at home we took some lovely pictures in the flat, snuggly shots of the little one in just their nappy and then pictures that captured the fun of exploring as a one year old, that look of achievement as they pull themselves up on things, the curiosity of playing with Grandad’s watch, admiring pictures of themselves on the iPad (I love how much little ones adore pictures of themselves), that glorious and typical look you get of a little one holding their mother’s skirt… There were so many wonderful moments.

Then on the arrival of the full quota of grandparents we headed out into the great outdoors.  Excitement of lots of people and moving around meant it took a little while for nap-time to kick in but that gave the adults an excellent excuse to enjoy a cup of tea in one of Bermondsey’s fantastic coffee shops, a definite perk of a baby photography session in Bermondsey.

After a snooze for the little one and a caffeine hit for the adults, it was time for some outdoor baby photographs at a wonderful Bermondsey park.  It was a beautiful day and still warm which was lovely. We had a great time exploring and taking pictures. I love the mix of group shots and interactive fun pictures that I get to take over the course of a morning and it was lovely to see the mutual adoration between this wonderful little boy and his besotted parents and grandparents.

It was a fabulous morning all round and there are so many lovely pictures that I can’t wait to share with the family. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview from our baby photography session in Bermondsey as much as I do. I can’t wait to see everyone again in the future!

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