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Welcome to my Clapham newborn and baby photography blog

Thank you for visiting my blog to discover more about my baby photography in Clapham. I’m Helen, a London based photographer specialising in families. Since I started my business in 2003 I’ve photographed thousands of families all over London and visited Clapham many times for newborn and baby photography sessions. I look forward to telling you a bit more about how I work. I hope you will like what you see and choose me to visit you in Clapham to photograph your baby.

My style of newborn and baby photography

My style of photography is very relaxed and natural focusing on the moments that make up your days and creating portraits that will transport you back to this special time in your children’s lives. Working around your baby’s schedule we spend a morning together taking photographs as you do the things you normally do. We can take stunning pictures in your home as you play with your baby on your bed or read them a story in your favourite chair or we can go out to the park to have a lovely walk on Clapham or Wandsworth common while taking pictures, enjoying a trip to the swings or to feed the ducks.

My sessions last a morning, starting early usually at 8am so we get an opportunity for pictures before your baby’s mid-morning nap as well as pictures afterwards, in effect giving us two mini sessions for the price of one. This way we have lots of time to take some pictures indoors and some outside or go to a few different outdoor locations if you prefer. It’s all down to you, what you love to do as a family and your connection with your local area. My aim is to provide images that will be full of memories for you of your life in Clapham and will be wonderful talking points with your baby when they grow up, I hope it’s an approach that appeals to you as you look for a Clapham baby photographer.

Black and white family photography

All my work is taken in beautiful black and white to ensure that the images we take on your baby photography session in Clapham will look good when your child has grown up. Colour trends change so often, and pictures can look dated very quickly whereas black and white images always look great.

Black and white photographs also have the benefit of really concentrating the mind on the subjects in the images without the distraction of clothes or colourful things in the background. Instead, we look at faces and interaction, focusing on the love between family members in stunning images that will stand the test of time. I’ve been working professionally as a family photographer for almost twenty years now and it’s wonderful to see the images I’ve taken over the years displayed in my clients’ homes with images taken two decades ago looking just as up to date as those I’ve taken this year.

What age is best for your Clapham baby photography session?

This is a question I’m asked so often and to be honest there isn’t a right answer – pretty much every age is great for photographing babies.

The usual milestones in a baby’s first year are often chosen for baby photo shoots and it would be wonderful to visit you in Clapham to photograph your baby at any one, or more, of these occasions. Many clients do choose multiple shoots in their babies first year and you can see how this comes together in Thomas’s gallery on my website.

First pictures are often taken when babies are newborn and this is such a delightful time. Newborn photographs are usually taken within the first month (ideally within the first two weeks) when little ones are so tiny and new. This way you can record those very early days in beautiful pictures to look back on with pride. It’s amazing how fast little ones grow and it’s lovely to see images from when they could fit in your hands and slept so snuggly on your chest.

The 12-16 weeks stage is also delightful. At this point most babies are smiling and able to lift their heads whey lying on their tummy or support their neck sitting in a Bumbo chair. This is such fun for photos as we can create wonderful portraits as they interact with the world around them.

Sitters sessions take place between 6-9 months when your baby is sitting up straight without support and these are such fun. At this age little ones are interactive with favourite songs and books and toys. You will have established routines with them (not necessarily sleep routines, but little things you do together that you and they enjoy) and whether it’s the spot where you read your favourite books together or playing a game as the little one splashes in the bath; we can incorporate this into your baby photography session in Clapham.

And then your baby’s first birthday. This is often the occasion for a second shoot if you had a newborn session and a lovely way to record such a momentous day. At one year old children are doing such different things from one baby to another, they might be crawling or even standing and beginning to walk or just happily sitting watching the world go by around them, laughing with delight at the sight of a dog or a duck. It’s a delightful age

You can book one of these points or all of them for your baby photography in Clapham and I promise to take pictures that you and your child will treasure forever.

Big family photo shoots in Clapham

Of course, my work is not only newborns and babies, I photograph every age of child and it’s always a delight to work with big families on Clapham photo shoots. Whatever the age of your children we will have a brilliant time and create a plan for a photo shoot that takes in their favourite things to do and places they love to go. This will result in wonderful family photographs full of joy. To find out more about my work with older children and teenagers do follow the links and see the respective pages on my website. I hope you will like what you see.

Book your baby photography session in Clapham Today

To book your baby photo shoot then drop me a line via the contact form or give me a call on 0345 603 1373. I’d love to meet you and your family and create pictures with you that record your lives in unique and beautiful images for you to treasure.

Helen has been photographing our family every year since our daughter was born 12 years ago and now have a great record of our growing and changing family. Not only is Helen an excellent photographer who takes great shots of all the family, she also manages to do this in a relaxed and fun way.