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Baby photography in Crouch End


Some sessions I look forward to months in advance and this was the case for the baby Will’s first family portrait session that took place close to home in Crouch End in North London. Why the excitement? Because Will is the latest addition to the family, my super cute nephew!

I love being an aunt, I think it’s the best thing in the world and I love all my little nieces and nephews. I also love being able to give great presents in the form of photographs that the family will treasure and that we can all look back on as the years pass and remember this special time.

I have always considered myself to be particularly lucky in my sisters-in-law, and my husband’s sister Kate is amazing, truly amazing. I’m so lucky to have a sister-in-law who is also such a great friend and who, as many of you will know, has worked with me here in the business for the past five years. We’ve are a brilliant team and we have such a great time.

Kate obviously knows my photography very well and so it’s such a pleasure to have been able to use my skills to take pictures of her baby boy and celebrate this wonderful time with a baby and family photo shoot in Crouch End.

Will was fantastic, being on brilliant form for his first photo shoot, snoozing happily as we took pictures in the garden. The light was stunning and while Kate and Tom laughed at my use of their broad bean plant as a framing device I think the results have been worth it with some lovely intimate shots.

It was so wonderful to see Kate and Tom so happy, thrilled to have their beautiful baby boy home and I can’t look at the pictures without getting a little emotional myself, family is the best! I haven’t decided yet which pictures to put on my wall but I think the father-son yawning in sync is a definite contender, it makes me laugh so much.

After a bit of time outside we headed back into the flat and Joni the kitten decided that she wasn’t going to be outdone and was keen to get in on the action looking straight into the camera lens from her position on the mantlepiece.

Will woke up for some indoor shots and was so engaged, looking straight at the camera and I like to think some little smiles in there too. We are going to have so much fun taking pictures together over the years. We took some shots of Will wrapped in a blanket knitted by Kate’s beloved Grammy and some lovely shots with Kate – check out the grip on Kate’s hair! And even some picture of Will with Tom as he played the piano – one of my other nephew’s Myles would only settle if his daddy played Ragtime and so the house was constantly filled with the sound of Scott Joplin when he was little, I wonder what Will’s musical taste will be.

It’s incredibly being around the little ones when they are so tiny – their childhoods stretch before them, full of possibilities and I’m so pleased that I will be in on this adventure. I’m already looking forward to all the fun we will have together as Will grows up. I love you little Will, and I love you Kate and Tom, I’m so lucky you are family. I hope you will enjoy these pictures and all the others we will take on all the adventures to come!

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