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Baby Photography in Holland Park W11


Baby photography in Holland Park on the blog today with a lovely set of images from a session last year with Sylvia and her lovely family.

We had a fantastic day for our photo shoot, lovely warm weather and beautiful light and it was great to meet everyone. When I arrived Baby Elliott was raring to go. He greeted me with an enormous smile and I knew we’d have a great time. Elliott was almost one – such a lovely age for photographs – as babies are so full of personality and eager to interact with new people. We had a terrific time, sitting on the floor and chatting, while Sylvia and Eric finished getting ready. Elliott was fascinated by the camera, crawling right up to the lens and laughing all the time.

As soon as everything was ready, we headed out to Holland Park, one of my favourite locations for family photography. It’s a great spot because there is so much variety even though it’s relatively small. It works brilliantly with the little ones: we can keep moving around which keeps them interested and enjoying new sights and sounds without having to walk for miles. Now I have a Fitbit I can see how far I walk on an average photo shoot – each one certainly gives me a good work out!

We started off with a few family photographs and then settled down for to play. Sylvia had bought some of Elliott’s favourite toys and he loved banging his tambourine, especially when it made the pigeons jump. Great fun!

I really enjoyed taking pictures of Elliott and his parents. The lovely tender shots with Sylvia are some of my favourites from the session.

We explored the park, looking for the best light (it’s such a benefit to be in the park at 8am when there aren’t many people around; we get the pick of the good spots). Elliott was keen to crawl everywhere, and we found some really interesting places for him to explore. The variety allowed us to get some really beautiful pictures. I love the ones under the arches best.

We finished the first half of the session in the playground (everyone’s favourite) and Elliott was thrilled to get a go on the swings and the slide. I love the excitement and joy on his face as he flies back and forth.

Then it was nap time. It’s incredible how much you can get done before the mid-morning nap if you start early enough. Elliott, tired and happy, went straight to sleep in his buggy, allowing the adults the luxury of coffee and a croissant at the family’s favourite cafe.

When Elliott woke, we headed home for some more pictures. Where I can, I try to do half the session indoors and half outdoors when photographing babies, to add variety to the images. Indoor and outdoor pictures have a very different feel. Photographing babies indoors is always good, as they have space to crawl around without the risk of eating too many sticks and leaves. And it’s always lovely to have snuggly pictures on their parents’ beds – babies are always so happy there.

We also did some beautiful shots of Elliott in his cot with his favourite bunny that really make me smile. It’s such a treat to record these little things, knowing the details will transport everyone back to the early years when they look at the photographs in the future.

We finished with some bath shots, which always work well once a baby is sitting up steadily and safe to be in a bath without being held. I particularly love the shot of Elliott looking straight into the camera, a stunning picture if I do say so myself.

It was a brilliant day and we ended up with a wonderful set of pictures. I’m so thrilled with them. I hope you like them. Do get in touch if you are interested in arranging your own baby and family photography session in Holland Park or elsewhere in London, I’d love to hear from you.

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