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Baby Photography in Kensington W8


Baby photo shoot in Kensington with an 8 month old

This week has been all about babies for me and I was thrilled to travel to Kensington to meet this wonderful family and photograph their adorable little girl.  I love all baby photography but I admit that I do have a favourite age for pictures within that first year. While I love newborn shoots and the joy of those special first days, if I could only choose one point in the first year for baby pictures, it would be about eight months. At eight months babies are still very much little babies but they are so full of personality and there is so much fun to be had photographing them as you can see from this sneak preview from our baby photo shoot in Kensington.

Our day of baby photography

I arrived bright and early as I always like to get some picture before babies have their first nap of the day. Often the pre-nap slot is quite a short one, an hour or so, but it gives us a chance to get some stunning pictures at home and most importantly it gives the little one the chance to get to know me. This means that when they wake up a bit later in the morning we are straight into things with a baby who is completely comfortable in my company, it works so well.

This wonderful little girl was a joy from the moment I walked in the door. Crawling around on her playmat and enjoying her tunnel and play equipment it wasn’t long before she had come over to use me as a climbing frame and to see how easy it would be to get hold of the camera. I love how little ones want to explore, see what I’m doing and get in on the action. While keeping the camera out of harm’s way I’m more than happy to play climbing frame especially if it brings little ones in nice and close for a stunning portrait.

Locations for Kensington baby photography

The flat was a wonderful space with lovely clean light and some wonderful shadows in the master bedroom. Utilising a combination of shadows and the mirrored doorways of the wardrobe I was able to be really creative with my pictures and I love the fact these will be so reflective of life as it’s lived for the family at this time.

After a nap and some lunch, which was gloriously messy as only baby lunches can be, we headed out to nearby Kensington Gardens to continue our photo shoot out in the fresh air. Where possible I love to work both indoors and outside with baby photo shoots to provide maximum variety to my clients and because it’s fun as this selection of Kensington baby photography shows.

Kensington Gardens was, as always, a great location for baby photography. As it was a bright sunny day, we had to hunt for the shade but this also meant we could find lots of quiet spots away from the crowds. We had such fun, playing with bubbles, picking daisies and watching the world go by.

The joy of being a baby photographer

My job brings me so much joy and that’s because I get to watch the incredible relationships family members have with each other; the laughter and the happiness that being with their children brings to parents, and the sheer delight of babies as they get to hang out with their parents and discover the world around them together. I’m so very lucky with my job and always so incredibly humbled that so many lovely people choose me to photograph their family’s and preserve these special memories for them

All in all, a perfect morning. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak preview from our baby photography session in Kensington, if you like what you see and would like your own family photographed this summer then do get in touch soon.