Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Baby photography in Oxford


When Natasha asked me to visit Oxford recently to photograph her family (as featured in the last blog post), I immediately thought of my dear friend Lucy. I like to start all my photo shoots very early in the morning – 8am being the norm, as children are at their best first thing. I was planning to jump on a scarily early train from London, but then I thought of Lucy who is now living in Oxford – a friend from my school days.

A phone call later and I was thrilled to have a bed for the night, and even more excited as this would give me an opportunity to meet Lucy’s new baby daughter Ella, who I hadn’t met yet. Ella was an absolute cutie and we had such a fun time playing in the front room and a short walk to the river. I’m so looking forward to seeing Ella grow up, and photographing her on many many more occasions. I love my job, and even on the days I’m not working I seem to find myself children to photograph – it’s the best thing in the world, and a much cooler gift than a bottle of wine.

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