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Baby photography in Regent’s Park and London Zoo


I am lucky enough to photograph a number of babies, children and families in the beautiful Regent’s Park area of central London. I was absolutely thrilled when Jennifer suggested Regent’s Park for our second portrait photography shoot with baby Stella.

As everyone is aware, the weather this summer can best be described as ‘erratic’ and so from our first phone calls, we were racking our brains for a good wet weather location as I always go ahead with my shoots if it rains. I photographed Stella at home three months ago – we are recording all the milestones of her first year – and so we wanted something a little different for these baby portrait photographs.

To give ourselves maximum flexibility for our photo shoot, we decided to meet at Regent’s Park. The weather was threatening but bright, so to start with we took some photographs in the beautiful formal gardens in Regent’s Park where Stella was particularly taken with the fountain.

We then went to explore and were lucky enough to see an amazing busker. He was wonderful and played some jaunty Spanish tunes while the family danced. It was one of those special moments you could never plan for but which I think will stick with me forever – the joy and happiness that an impromptu dance in the sunshine can bring.

The shoot just got better and better, as we moved from Regent’s Park to London Zoo!

I am a massive fan of London Zoo and this was Stella’s first visit. We timed it perfectly as the heavens opened and the rain belted down. We explored the aquarium – my first ever baby and piranha photographs! – and then went to see the giraffes, which are a personal favorite as they never fail to astonish me with their wonderfully gentle and graceful movements.

It truly was a fabulous day and one that I am so pleased to have captured in pictures. I hope you wil enjoy this set of baby and family photographs in Regent’s Park and London Zoo in Central London.

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