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Baby Photography in Wimbledon


Before he started his software company my husband Tom was a wedding photographer. It’s always lovely when his clients get in touch to arrange family photography sessions – I love to meet the people who I have heard so much about and it’s always a particular pleasure to see Tom’s photographs on the wall.

I was so pleased to hear from Bingyan and Jing that they had a four month old son and were interested in some family photographs. Tom told me all about them and I knew I would have a really fantastic time and I wasn’t disappointed, we spent such a brilliant morning together.

Little Leo was an absolute cutie with the most incredibly smile. Sixteen weeks is such a lovely time for baby photography and Leo was so keen to show off all his new skills – rolling over and holding his head up while lying on his tummy. Smiling at his parents and his favourite playmate, George the dog was keen to get in on the action and join the photo shoot.

With little ones we always work around their naps as keeping to a routine always makes for the best photo shoots. So, when Leo had his nap we had a cup of coffee and then headed out to nearby Wimbledon Common for some pictures. Wimbledon is such a beautiful spot with amazing backdrops and with the low winter sun we had all the elements that make for brilliant photos.

I always love to make a feature of the environment and so it was fantastic to have the combination of beautiful surroundings and amazing light. Using the light in different ways gives the images such different feels and I love both the misty ethereal feel to the backlit images – the bare winter trees creating a sense of mystery and also the softly illuminated images that are directly lit by the low winter sun. It’s such fun to work in such different ways to create the most interesting pictures for my clients.

Jing had been really keen to get a picture that had the whole family in and so it was really fun making sure I had a selection of interesting compositions that included George the dog. My favourite is the shot with the silver birches in the background – the light was astonishing, illuminating the trees so they looked like something from a fairy tale. It made a perfect backdrop and I’m so pleased that Jing and Bingyan chose this image to have framed as a large print for their wall.

This was a brilliant photo shoot and I do hope you will enjoy looking at these images from my recent Wimbledon family photography session. If you would like to arrange a baby photo shoot for your own family then do get in touch, I’m taking bookings up until Christmas and would love to hear from you.

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