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Today’s London venue for the Baby and Family photography session was an unusual one. I met Gurpreet and her lovely family at their hotel. The family was staying in town for a couple of days before leaving the UK for home. The session was great fun and a stimulating creative challenge. The fact this was not their home territory meant I had to use the different locations within the hotel to create really beautiful family portraits and lots of lovely photographs of stunning baby Armaan.

As it happens, the family’s hotel room was a fantastic spot for photographs. It had large windows that filled the room with lovely natural light. There was a large bed that proved the perfect spot for baby Armaan to show off his rolling skills while being safe and comfortable. He was such a cheerful little boy – thrilled to have a morning playing with mummy and daddy and reading his favourite books.

Armaan was in his pyjamas when I arrived. Looking all snuggly and warm, we agreed that this made for a lovely pre-breakfast photo opportunity. Early morning is perfect for photographing babies and children generally. As regular readers will know, I happily travel the length and breadth of London in the early hours to arrive in time to get pictures of those wonderul early morning moments and routines.

Armaan has an early bath before his breakfast. This turns into another great photo opportunity. I took some lovely images of him splashing in the water and playing with his bath toys. Because bath time is so often a favourite with children, I love to capture it in pictures. I like to think they will remind parents of this special time spent together long after the children are all grown-up. Pictures of children taken immediately after bath time are gorgeous. All wrapped in a towel, with glistening skin, wet hair and eyelashes fanning out like a star, children look stunning. Details like these are what go to make up the documentary coverage I am determined to capture for my portrait photography clients in London and throughout the UK.

Armann fancied a change of scene after breakfast so we decided to explore all the hotel had to offer. We had a great time crawling along corridors and playing peek-a-boo before heading downstairs to the lobby. The hotels’ interior design offered an amazing range photo opportunities. The wonderfully roomy chairs were perfect for a sitting in and crawling around. What is more, the hotel were incredibly kind. As long as we didn’t disturb the other guests, we were allowed to photograph wherever we liked.

It was a fantastic morning and I’m thrilled with the pictures. It’s always so much fun to take family and baby portrait photographs in alternative environments and this particular London hotel provided wonderful backdrops for a set of pictures that I know the family will treasure for years to come.

If you happen to be visiting London for a few days over the summer, do get in touch and we can arrange a photography session for your family at your hotel, in one of the wonderful London parks, or a combination of the two. Whatever you prefer, we would love to hear from you.

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