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Today’s lovely baby photography session comes from a stunning sun filled flat in Muswell Hill in North London, only a short bus ride from my home in Crouch End. I was particularly excited when Jill got in touch to book her session, partly because it was so close to home but mainly because we had met before, when Jill was bridesmaid at her sister Susie’s wedding back in 2007.

Since Susie’s wedding I’ve photographed her lovely family on a number of occasions (you can see some of the pictures here and here and here) mostly in and around the brilliant location of Gladwins Farm– my pro tip of the week, Gladwins is the perfect place for a weekend away with the kids, not far from London and fully kitted out with everything you could want from swimming pool to tennis courts, from woodland walk to games room and a number of pampering services for the adults too – it’s brilliant. And so, over the years I’ve got to know Susie well and although I hadn’t seen Jill again since the wedding she figured on Susie’s Facebook feed and I’d always been interested to hear what she was up to.

So to meet again on such a lovely occasion as a baby photography session was a real treat, particularly so as baby Orla was such a pleasure to photograph. When I arrived Orla was wide awake and greeted me with an incredible grin from her playmat where she was having a lovely time with the lions and the giraffes. Baby toys are so great nowadays!

We started the session in Jill and Paul’s bedroom – a beautiful room with absolutely incredible light. The houses in Muswell Hill have such stunning proportions, lovely high ceilings and great big windows that make them a real joy to take photographs in. Orla had a lovely time rolling around on the bed and giggling with her parents. It was at this point that I took Orla’s Just One one of my favourite baby photographs I’ve ever taken as I love the scale of the hands so much.

Then after a lovely time inside we decided to take advantage of Orla’s need for a morning nap to get a bit of fresh air and wander up to Ally Pally. Alexandra Palace park is incredibly important to the family as it’s their local park and where they spend so much time. It was lovely to include this special place for the family in their pictures as these places mean so much to us as we grow up, so many memories have been made here and so many more will be made as Orla grows up.

After a while though Orla made it clear that going home was on the agenda and we wandered happily back, so many lovely pictures taken but I definitely felt there might be space for a few more. I’m always really keen to make sure my clients have lots of variety to their images, lots of high quality pictures that are all different from each other and all of a great and consistent standard across the shoot. With thirteen years of experience I’m proud that the exceptional quality and consistency of my work is what so many of my lovely clients book me for.

When we got back we moved into the living room for some pictures, Orla happily sitting on the sofa with Jill and Paul having a great time and laughing and giggling as the family played together. Even Mr Penguin came out to play and the shot of Orla and Mr Penguin with touching noses is a real favourite from the day. We had a brilliant time and I’m so thrilled with the images, photographing up until lunchtime and then heading home myself for a well earned sandwich.

It was a great morning and I hope you will enjoy looking at this set of baby and family portrait photographs from Muswell Hill and Alexandra PAlace in North London. Do please get in touch if you would like to arrange your own photo session, either in North London or elsewhere in the uk, we’d love to hear from you.

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