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Baby Photography Paddington


Beautiful and stylish baby photography in Paddington

It was a beautiful day for this recent session of baby photography in Paddington. I was up bright and early and headed across town on the Tube with the sun shining and the excitement of a wonderful day ahead. Even after almost twenty years as a specialist baby and family photographer I’m still always excited when I head to work. I feel incredibly lucky to love my job and days like this one, photographing the most wonderful family and such a cute baby, really remind me what a wonderful career it is being a baby photographer.

As always with my baby photography sessions I like to start early so I arrived at Salimah’s lovely Paddington home at 8am to find, as sometimes happens, my tiny subject fast asleep. This can be an occupational hazard of baby photography as we work around the little ones and it’s always much the best to have a sleeping baby on arrival than to miss that early morning excitement and wonderful mood by arriving later in the morning. I’m always happy if I arrive and a little one is asleep, it almost always means we’re going to have a brilliant day full of laughter and energy.

At home baby photography in Paddington

Early starts also give us plenty of time to do different things and get wonderful variety in our baby photographs which we certainly did on this baby photography session in Paddington.

We started at home, a lovely light filled flat where we took a variety of different types of pictures as the family played together. Including three generations in a photo shoot is always such a joy and having pictures of this little one with their granny always brings such joy. I am sure these pictures will be treasured.

We moved from room to room utilising different backdrops and taking pictures on the bed in the master bedroom which always works so well for baby photographs, lifting the little ones up to window height for the best light. We got to include a wonderful menagerie of cuddly animals as well as completely delightful pictures as everyone snuggled together and played. I love seeing the different games families have and the joy and love on parents faces as they look at their little ones is a constant source of joy and makes for such wonderful baby photographs.

Outdoor baby photos

After nap time we headed out for some pictures at the park and Paddington has lots of wonderful green spaces as well as the amazing architecture of Paddington basin which we didn’t visit this time but which might, I imagine, be the location for a photo shoot with this wonderful family in the future.

Running the gauntlet of hayfever I lay in the cow parsley for the best angle to take some stunning springtime family shots. I wanted to capture the session in all its glory. I love this time of year for family photos with the flowers in bloom at the trees covered in spring growth. I also love how a lot of the parks aren’t mowing so often now so we get to enjoy carpets of daisies which are just stunning.

I can’t wait to share the full set of images with this lovely family but for today, just a few favourites to whet the appetite. I hope you enjoy them, this sneak preview from a baby photography session in Paddington.