Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Baby portrait and lifestyle photography in Ealing, London


Photographing babies and children all over London and beyond, I am a frequent visitor to Ealing to capture beautiful and unique photographs of babies and their families. It is a lovely part of London.

I was thrilled when Takeshi got in touch to ask me to visit him and his family for some relaxed lifestyle portrait photographs in my unique style. I arrived, as always, bright and early and we headed straight out to the park. The weather was lovely and we had a brilliant time exploring a park that I had never visited before, but which the family knew well. We still found some new places, though – it’s amazing what having a nosey photographer looking for a good background can do to take you off the beaten path in a park. We had a wonderful time and just looking at the pictures now brings a smile to my face.

After the park, we went home to take a few pictures in the flat so the family’s dog didn’t feel left out! It was a wonderful morning and I am thrilled with this set of baby and family photographs taken in Ealing in London.

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