Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Baby Portrait in the Park


A Sunny Winter Day for a Family and Baby Portrait

I have been loving the weather so far this year, cold days but often beautiful days with clear skies and that fresh winter feel.  I have had a brilliant time on my baby photography sessions getting out and about for a bit and adding variety to my images with indoor and outdoor pictures.

My aim in all my work is to produce variety, to create a wide selection of images for my clients that encompass different moods and also which incorporate their environment, both indoors and outdoors at their local parks, to provide them with images that are full of memories.

This baby and family portrait taken at my client’s local park does just that.  There is a majestic tree in the park, and it was lovely to hear how they had spent time there during the summer, relaxing on a picnic blanket and enjoying the warm weather.  We wanted to try to incorporate it into an image.  Because it was such a high tree, I realised the best way to utilise it would be to incorporate the foliage as a framing device, giving a feel for where we were but also creating an interesting composition.

Placing the family in a position where I knew I could surround them with foliage I asked them to play together, holding their baby up which always results in happy giggles from the little ones and fantastic joyous expressions on the adults.

I then needed to find a position where I could get them in the clean area of the image, surrounded by branches but with clear sky in the background.  To create this image, I lay down on my back and holding my head back shot the image upside down, I find this gives me a lower viewpoint than lying on my front and it worked perfectly.  I was, as always, grateful for my waterproof trousers at this point, they make such a difference at this time of year.

I love the expressions on everyone’s faces as they share this happy moment together and it’s a definite favourite from our wonderful session.  I hope you like this family and baby portrait photograph as much as I do.