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Baby photography in Southfields, West London


Today’s blog post features a portrait photography session in Southfields near Wimbledon in West London with Johanna and her beautiful daughter Amelia. I really enjoy photographing slightly older babies – they have so much personality and there is a wonderful smiley-ness about older babies that is so special. I don’t think I have ever met a grumpy one year old!

It was pouring with rain when I arrived so we started our shoot indoors, which works very well with the little ones – nice dry places to crawl without finding ourselves neck deep in mud. We played hide and seek around the bed, had some reading time and lots of happy play with mum – a baby’s favourite activity.

Then it was nap time, which is an important component of any baby photography session. I like to start early with my baby portrait photography shoots so that we have some time for pictures before the mid-morning nap, coffee during the nap (for the adults of course) and then a second set of pictures after the nap. Where possible, I like to spend half the shoot indoors and half outdoors to provide a really nice variety of pictures.

This plan worked perfectly for our Wimbledon baby photography session. By the time Amelia awoke, the rain had slowed to a mild drizzle and we were able to brave the elements for a quick trip to the park. Swings, ducks and the excitement of watching the man using the industrial-blower to sweep up the fallen leaves quickly followed, and we captured a great second set of pictures providing a really lovely variety of images for Johanna to choose from.

Here are some of my favorites from our baby portrait photography session in Southfields near Wimbledon in West London. I do hope you enjoy them.

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