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Beautiful black and white baby and family photography


I have always loved black and white photography, and I believe it is the best medium for photographs of babies and children. It has a timeless feel that means the pictures I take will look fantastic now and also when the children are older, and even when their own children look back at the pictures. Beautiful black and white baby photography is a wonderful thing, and something I am always thrilled to be able to capture for my clients.

These beautiful baby photographs of Joshua really benefit from working in black and white – I love how the environment is portrayed with a real focus on design, images that make best use of the family’s beautiful home to produce baby photographs that transcend the norm, with interesting compositions and and a real feel for the interplay of light and shadow. A particular favourite is Joshua playing hide and seek under his blanket – the shapes made by the blanket being pulled back and the lovely textures in the pattern combine to make a really interesting composition full of vibrant energy which reflects Joshua’s bubbly personality, so full of fun and laughter. I also love to take pictures that tell a story and elicit a response, and the shot of Joshua being spun around by his father can’t fail to make you smile.

During this photo shoot, we spent part of the time indoors and part out in the family’s garden, which brings real variety to the photographs. The indoor pictures are more intimate, while outside Joshua is the epitome of childhood – driving his bike (whilst being pushed by Daddy), playing with the family dogs and being mesmerised by bubbles, every child’s favourite toy. The light was great for this session too, with the dark background really making the bubbles stand out as Joshua tried to pop them.

We finished our morning with a few more pictures taken indoors with Joshua playing with the dogs, his favourite companions who clearly adore him too.

It was a brilliant family and baby photography session and I’m so thrilled with all the beautiful black and white baby photographs, I do hope you like them too.  If you would like to read more of my thoughts on black and white family photography then do explore the website.

If you would like to book a portrait session for your own family, do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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