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At home baby photography in Chiswick

I’m a big fan of Chiswick and so I was thrilled when Gary contacted me to arrange a photoshoot for his ten-month-old son. There’s something about the vibe of Chiswick – laid back and stylish, and I always meet the most delightful people there. Some of my all-time favourite family photo shoots have been in Chiswick and I am thrilled to add this baby photography session to the list.

We spent a wonderful day together taking pictures in their beautiful home and, in a brief interlude from the wet weather, at the nearby park for some outdoor baby and family portraits.

Photographing babies at home

I love photographing in my client’s homes – pictures taken indoors will have such resonance as years pass and the family home is such an important place whether that’s the forever home like the beautiful house we were photographing in on this baby photo shoot, or somewhere temporary as is often the case on family photography sessions as we all spend much of our lives in rented accommodation. Home is where we live and where memories are made. I wish I had more pictures from some of the different homes I’ve had over the years – student homes, my first home with my husband, I’d love to look back on them now.

So including the house in the pictures is a real pleasure and I particularly liked the beautiful front room with its elegant window, a beautiful backdrop for a family portrait.

Snuggly shots on the bed

When I’m photographing babies, I love to take some pictures where they are all snuggly on the bed. These classic portraits are so beautiful and completely timeless. The master bedroom was incredible with wonderful light and we had a play here after breakfast and before the mid-morning nap.

Mixing it up between different rooms in the house adds variety to the pictures and keeps things interesting for the little ones while we are taking pictures. We get to play in all their favourite places – from their parent’s bed to their nursery floor, enjoying books and toys and being rewarded with wonderful smiles and beautiful photographs. He was such a happy little man, an absolute joy to photograph.

Baby photographs in one of Chiswick’s parks

When the rain stopped (it’s been a damp week, but we always manage to get out for a bit on all my photo shoots) we headed out for some pictures at the park. Swings had been a new discovery and were clearly a real favourite and I love the expressions we get as little ones enjoy the movement.

We also used the beautiful foliage of some majestic trees as a backdrop for some family portraits, those matching smiles are so full of joy.

Back home for some last playing shots.

When we got home, after a bite to eat and a quick nap for our young subject, we finished off with some more playing pictures. Enjoying a book and some time learning to crawl on the floor gave us wonderful opportunities and the incredibly cute dogs were quick to get in on the action too, ensuring that they had their moment in the spotlight.

Over the morning we had done so much and there are so many wonderful pictures for the family to choose from. I know we’ll be able to create a stunning album or print some beautiful images for the wall, I can’t wait to see what is chosen. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview from my recent baby photography session in Chiswick.

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