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Christmas Baby Photo Shoot in London


Christmas baby photo shoot

As the year draws to an end, I’m thrilled to share this – a Christmas themed baby photo shoot – and my fifth shoot with this wonderful family. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know them these past fifteen months.

For our December baby photography session, we decided on a Christmas theme and mixed some indoor pictures with a trip out into London to see the Christmas lights and soak up the atmosphere.

Christmas in London is always such a delight and it’s wonderful to see the crowds returning post-Covid, and the festive atmosphere as everyone gathers with family and friends and enjoys the beautiful lights and decorations.

Choosing locations for a Christmas baby photo shoot

Before our baby photo shoot with a Christmas theme, I did some research on places that might work well for photography. I was looking for places that had a definite Christmas vibe with decorations and lights but also which wouldn’t be too crowded or have restrictions on photography which can be an issue on occasion.

We decided that Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square would work well and fit nicely into one of our between-nap slots (the other between-nap slot we took pictures at home).  It worked out brilliantly and both locations were busy but not too crowded and there were plenty of opportunities for baby pictures with a Christmas theme.

Baby portraits with Christmas lights

The picture which begins this blog is one of my favourites from the shoot and I love the absolute joy on his little face as he plays with his mum but also the wonderful bokeh of the lights behind his head.

A shallow depth of field, made possibly with the wonderful Canon RF 50 f1.2L lens that is one of my preferred tools, means that the background has this wonderful creamy light filled feel, a joyful photo that makes you think of Christmas.

His little outfit really adds to the look too, such a cute snowsuit and, with its woollen texture, it reminds me of a nativity play costume adding to the Christmas theme.

Christmas trees on our baby photo shoot

Christmas lights come, of course, as part and package of Christmas trees and I also loved seeing the interaction as my little subject explored the trees and investigated the decorations.  On our photo shoot last Christmas there was a big tree at home, this year we looked at the even bigger trees London has to offer.

In Covent Garden there were lots of Christmas trees and I loved the other decorations too, the beautiful sledge, and the giant mistletoe hanging from the roof made great backdrops for pictures.

In Trafalgar square the most famous London Christmas tree, given to the people of Britain every year by Norway since 1947 it is a fixture of Trafalgar square at this time of year and displayed from the beginning of December until 6th January each year. Including it in a shot with Nelsons column gives a sense of both time and place to the picture.

Family photos at home

At home we took some pictures with family decorations, those special items that come out once a year and that become so full of memories.  As we lit the advent candle that mesmerised my little subject, the adults talked about our own childhood Christmas traditions and the items that bring back so many memories. When I was a child we had an advent candle set with angels that rotated above the candles, moved by the hot air, and it made me want to dig it out when I visit my mum soon and relive those moments of wonder from my own childhood. Pictures do this, they bring us back to people and places and happy memories. I’m so pleased that my pictures will have this same effect for this little man when he grows up.

It was a wonderful session from start to finish and I’m so pleased with the results, I hope you enjoy the images I’ve shared today from our Christmas themed baby photo shoot in London.