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Christmas in Crouch End – a Beautiful Baby Photograph


A Christmas shot on the blog today from a recent family portrait session in Crouch End with beautiful baby Will. I love photographing babies at this time of year as it’s always so warm and snug indoors and this works so well with the little ones, all cosy and cute. We spent a lovely morning photographing in different rooms of the beautiful flat, utilizing the lovely light to get a really wonderful selection of images.

This picture is a real favourite. Kate has always had the most incredible interior design sense and I knew that they would have fabulous Christmas decorations, which I had been hoping to incorporate into my pictures – images that they can look back on and remember Will’s first Christmas.

I wasn’t disappointed when I entered the living room and saw these fabulous paper snowflakes on the wall, they looked wonderful and I knew I wanted to use them in a picture. Asking Kate to hold Will I worked to get an angle where I would fit them within the pattern of the decorations to provide a beautiful balanced image.

Will is such an alert baby and so much fun to photograph, he is mesmerized by the camera and I love his expressions. Here he looks quizzically at the camera as he wonders what is going on and so snug with his mummy, a look of such boundless love on her face. It’s a beautiful moment and one that makes me smile each time I look at it.

I wonder if these decorations will be kept over the years and we will have pictures of Will playing with them year on year as they become part of family tradition. I love how Christmas decorations do that, coming out once a year and reminding us of times past – my mum still hangs the painted egg box mobiles that we made at primary school, my eldest brother’s masterpiece must be about 43 years old and yet, every Christmas, it comes out and is proudly displayed. Maybe next year Will will be making some of the decorations himself, I look forward to finding out!

I hope you enjoy this festive family photograph from our recent Crouch End baby photography session.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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