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Natural, yet creative, mother and baby portrait photography

I had such a lovely morning with Jill and her family recently and I hope you will enjoy this creative mother and baby portrait I have chosen as my sneak peek. I have photographed each of Jill’s three children when they have been twelve weeks old, one of my favourite ages to photograph babies. It’s been lovely to see the similarities between the children and also the differences when they are so young. It’s also been an absolute pleasure to see the older children grow up from smiling babies, holding their heads up for their first portrait photographs, to running around, playing games and adding a level of delightful chaos to the proceedings.

I’ve always enjoyed photographing big families, I think it’s being the youngest of four, I love the chaos of lots of children all with their own personalities and ways of doing things. I love to take individual portraits and shots like the creative mother and baby portrait I have shared today. I also love to watch and photograph the children interact, how they play together and how they share so many games and toys. From a game of shops with toy dolls, to hiding behind the stairs for a sneaky biscuit where they think nobody’s watching, these childhood games are the building blocks of loving relationships that will be with them throughout their lives. Our siblings are our oldest friends, it’s a joy to photograph them.

Because Jill has moved out of London I travelled up the night before staying locally so I was on site bright and early. Breakfasting together we were ready to start taking pictures at 7.30 am which was perfect as the brief moment of sunshine was short lived before the rain set in for most of the morning. Luckily for us there was another break later on and we got outside again and in the meantime we took pictures indoors. This flexibility means that we have a fabulous and varied set of pictures as the family photographs that are taken indoors are always very different to those we take outside. The longer I work as a family photographer the more I enjoy both types of pictures and see the benefits of both. Sixteen years of experience means I’m confident working inside as well as outdoors so whatever the weather on the day of your photo shoot you can be sure of fantastic pictures of your family as this creative mother and baby portrait shots.

It’s always hard to choose a favourite for the blog but I love to provide a sneak preview while my clients are waiting for their viewing session, it’s lovely to get a feel for what’s in store and the beautiful images they will have to choose from. For this session I chose an creative mother and baby portrait image shot indoors of Jill and baby Evie. It was shot on the living room floor and backlit by the big window. I love the feel of it, the dramatic lighting and the absolute joy on both their faces. It’s amazing how much expression you can get in a silhouette.

I also love the contrast, Jill totally silhouetted against the bright window and Evie with highlighted detail on her face using the curtain as the background so the detail stands out.

I love it and I hope you will too, a creative mother and baby portrait from my recent stssion. For more about my baby photography do take a look on the website where you will also find galleries for children’s portraits and information about how my family portrait sessions work and my prices.

I’m fully booked for this year now but I’m taking bookings for 2020.