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Baby photographer in Hampstead, North London


I’ve visited Hampstead in North London for baby and family photo shoots quite a lot recently, which is wonderful as I’m now based in Crouch End – just half an hour away. I love Hampstead and the Heath is one of my favourite locations in London for baby, children and family portraits.

We had a wonderful morning taking pictures of Lauren’s beautiful baby boy, Ethan. Ethan was six months old for our shoot and one of the strongest and most active babies of that age I’ve ever photographed. I don’t think I’ve seen a baby that young who was pulling himself up and looking almost about to walk before – clearly the world is an exciting place that just needs exploring. Ethan was so inquisitive, moving towards the camera at speed, pulling himself up at the end of the bed and interacting with both Lauren and I with such personality and charm. He really was an absolute joy to photograph.

We started our morning at home, as it was a fairly dark, damp morning when I arrived at Lauren’s Hampstead home. We took pictures on Lauren’s bed, which is often my favourite starting point for a baby photography session – by elevating the baby to window level, it allows me to be at their head height without lying in some kind of crazy position on the floor with my feet around my ears. It works so well and with a pale throw or duvet cover, we have light bouncing up into the baby’s face which makes for lovely photographs.

Then, when we felt it was time for Ethan’s nap, we decided to put him into his pushchair and head on out, allowing him a good sleep while we walked to Hampstead Heath, putting us all in position to capture more baby photographs when he woke up. Ethan had a sleep while Lauren and I had a walk and chat – it’s so lovely to have the chance to really get to know my clients during our relaxed photography sessions.

As we were walking I was, as always, looking for good spots for our photographs. I visit Hampstead Heath a lot for my work but it’s always different – whether it’s entering the park from a different gate, the weather, who else is there and which areas are crowded and, as was the case for this shoot, how much of the Heath was a bog with mud so deep and slippery it would be madness to venture from the path! It was during our walk that I saw the spot for my favourite shot from this shoot (more on which you can read in my ‘Just One’ preview blog post ) and also some other good spots that we could use as well.

We captured a variety of different pictures out on the Heath and the sun even came out briefly, which was lovely. It was brief though and after a short time, the rain drove us back home for a few more indoor shots with Lauren’s lovely golden retriever Winston, who was so incredibly good natured and seemed to be posing for the camera – just perfect!

Then some last shots in Ethan’s bedroom and the spare room to give some extra variety to the selection of pictures, with a special outfit that Lauren has had in the family for some time.

All in all, we had a really wonderful baby portrait session and I am so pleased to be sharing a few favourites here today. I do hope you enjoy these photographs from our baby portrait photography session in Hampstead, North London NW5 and NW3.

If you would like me to visit and capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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