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Hampstead Heath Baby Photographer


Hampstead Heath is one of my favourite places for baby photography and so combining one of my favourite places with one of my favourite families made for a truly wonderful day and some stunning baby portraits which I’m so excited to share as a sneak preview today. Being a Hampstead Heath baby photographer truly is a wonderful job.

This was my third shoot with baby Holland and it was our best one yet.  We first met for his newborn shoot last September, then recorded his first Christmas in a stunning set of baby portraits in December. For this session we wanted to record the lovely 8-month-old stage when babies are sitting up and engaging with the world around them. This is one of my favourite times for baby portraits and an age that always results in stunning images.

Why Hampstead Heath is a great place for baby photography

We chose Hampstead to add a lovely variety to our document of Hollands first year as our two previous shoots had been indoors. We were lucky to have a perfect spring day for our photo shoot. It was bright and warm and the lush greenery meant Hampstead was looking its absolute best for our baby photography session. I love this time of year.

We spent a wonderful morning together on Hampstead Heath taking pictures and catching up on each other’s news. It’s one of the best things about my job, getting to know people and becoming friends as we see each other regularly for our photo shoots. I always really look forward to seeing regular clients and love watching the children grow. As I type this my batteries are charging for my shoot tomorrow where I will be photographing a family where the eldest child has just turned 20, our first shoot was when he was 8 months old! Building these long term relationships is so important to me. I can’t wait to see how Holland grows up, I know he is going to be such fun and I’m so excited to be telling his story in pictures that he will treasure as an adult.

Variety in baby photography on Hampstead Heath

I love to look for variety in my pictures in my work as a Hampstead Heath baby photographer. I like to take portraits and also wider shots that show context and scale and give a sense of the family within the environment, often these wider shots are my favourites.  With a location as iconic as Kenwood House it was lovely to create an image that showed the location as well as the family. The light was perfect allowing me to create a really dramatic image with the framing of trees around the family and Kenwood House in the sunshine in the background.

From wider shots I’ll often come in close so we can really see expressions as there is nothing more wonderful than the way parents look at their children and children look at their parents. Love shines through in the happy eyes and joyful smiles, it’s wonderful to see and wonderful to photograph, I’m very lucky with my job.

As little ones learn to sit steadily, we can take lovely images as they chill out, enjoying playing with favourite toys or investigating the world around them. Parents can provide scale and framing and I always think an image is improved by the context this gives. I love the shot of Holland Looking up from between his daddy’s feet – it won’t be long before he will be on his feet himself, maybe by our one year session, what fun we shall have!

Book your baby photo shoot now

It’s always hard knowing when to stop when writing these sneak previews as there are so many wonderful images from my work as a Hampstead Heath baby photographer but I’m saving the rest for when I share the full set with the family. For now, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview.

If you would like to arrange a baby photo shoot for your family then do get in touch, I’m getting very busy for the rest of the year now so don’t leave it too late, get in touch soon so we can get your session in the diary. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and have a wonderful week.