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Natural Style Baby Photography in Highgate, North London


The seasons change so quickly, maybe it’s because I’m getting older but time seems to fly by quicker and quicker each year. If feels like only yesterday that I met up with Emily and her lovely family for some baby photographs in Highgate and yet looking out at the sunshine it feels a world away, in fairness it was a little while ago but I’ve been so busy these last few months there’s a little catching up to be done. The move from winter to spring can be overnight (and then in the UK it seems to flit back and forth for a bit before the good weather settles, I wore a woollen hat to my shoot yesterday and today it’s t-shirt weather!). All seasons are great for photos and each one brings something different to the experience, I think there is something so lovely about a winter shoot, everyone wrapped up warm and snug having fun in the cold crisp air and the light is often fantastic as it was for us with lovely soft foggy light giving the pictures a real sense of mystery.

Highgate wood is one of my favourite places, both with and without a camera. I often walk there and I love it as a location for photographs as it’s such a beautiful place. We’re so lucky to have such a great bit of natural woodland here in North London. We had a great time at the woods and Andre loved playing hide and seek with his parents. I love pictures like these as they are so caught in a moment, when winter returns next year Andre will be running around up on his feet. It’s the wonder of photography to have a record of this lovely baby age to look back on as the years pass.

One of the lovely things about photographing young babies is that the shoots have such a natural rhythm to them, often divided into two parts and this shoot went along that pattern. Arriving early as Andre was finishing his nap we then enjoyed a lovely play indoors, making sure to get some family pictures and also having a great time playing with Andre’s favourite toys.

I like to move around a house to get as many different types of pictures as possible and also to record the space that is the family home. This was particularly important on this photo shoot as the family were soon to move house. These pictures would be a wonderful record of Andre’s first home. We took portraits in the family living room and his parent’s bedroom as well as in Andre’s nursery, I love the shots in his cot, standing up to see what is going on, his toy clutched in his teeth. It’s these little details that make me find baby photography so endlessly fascinating – each child is so different. Photographing in a relaxed documentary style alongside the more formal portrait pictures means we have pictures that tell these stories, which will remind parents and children of all these little details, as some of these things might otherwise be forgotten as time slips by.

This was a lovely baby and family session that really sums up everything that I aim for in my photography, lovely portraits, and great family shots that show real interactions. Lovely documentary storytelling images as the family plays together and enjoys every day activities (the shot of Emily reading to Andre is a personal favourite). If this is the style of photography that you like and you would be interested in hearing more and booking a session then do get in touch, we do have some May and June dates still available and I’d love to hear from you.

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