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Notting Hill and Holland Park Baby Photographer


Today on the blog a fabulous baby and family photography session in Notting Hill and Holland Park, W11.

I think if I had to choose a favourite age to photograph a baby it would be this one, around eight months old when the little ones are sitting up steadily, laughing and smiling and yet still very much a baby, still tiny and small and ever so cute. It’s an age with so many opportunities for me as a photographer as the babies will interact so happily with their parents and are yet have the stability for really beautiful portraits as they sit up. So I was thrilled when this session was booked in, I was looking forward to meeting the family.

We had such a brilliant time on our shoot – with the little ones I try, where possible, to do half the session indoors and half outdoors separated by the mid morning nap. This way we get a really lovely selection of images and maximum variety while still keeping to the babies normal routine, something I think is vital for a fun and relaxed session.

We started indoors and had a lovely time – photographing on the bed and playing a wonderful game of peek-a-boo around the occasional tables in the bedroom. Baby Antonia had such a delightful smile, really lighting up the room and you can see the joy she brings to her wonderful parents.

One of my favourite shot, and the just one from this shoot, is a picture playing games with Margot’s beautiful silk scarf. I love the graphic shapes and the feeling of exuberance and excitement with Antonia’s hand outstretched in excitement.

After Baby Antonia’s nap we took the short walk from Notting Hill to the wonderful Holland Park, one of my regular haunts and a favourite place for family portraits. The light was beautiful and we found some lovely spots to explore and take pictures. It’s always fun to go to parks that I know well and I love to challenge myself to find different angles and viewpoints each time to make sure my clients images are unique.

It was a brilliant day and I’m so thrilled with the images fro this baby and family photo shoot in Notting Hill and Holland Park. If you are considering booking your own family portrait session here or elsewhere in London do get in touch today and we can put your session in the diary.

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