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Photographing a Three Month Old Baby in Holland Park


It’s great to be sharing a wider selection of images of beautiful three month old baby Jackson on the blog today. I was lucky enough to meet Jackson at his west London home to take some photographs that really capture the bond between mother and son at this point in time. Jessica was keen to have pictures taken that reflected their everyday lives, playing at home and Jackson’s wonderful happy smile. It was my pleasure to oblige.

We spent a wonderful morning together taking baby photographs – it’s always lovely to photograph children in their own environments as these pictures will have such resonance as they grown up.

I love how tiny details can spark memories, it might be the corner of a couch in a photo of the living room or the way light steams through the kitchen windows. Looking back on these pictures I’m sure Jackson will remember so many different days spent at home, obviously not the day of the photographs, but days when he is a bit older, playing games, exploring, and still snuggling with his mummy on the sofa.

When I photograph families I like to keep everything really relaxed, working around the children’s schedule and doing the things they enjoy on a daily basis. This way the children have a really lovely time and don’t feel any pressure to perform. By approaching photos with a story-telling documentary approach in mind the resulting pictures will truly stand the test of time.

One of the elements of this photo shoot that really stuck with me was the fantastic quality to the light. We shot in different rooms on different floors and in each of them the light was stunning. From shooting with the large glass wall of the kitchen with those fabulous glass double doors behind me which produced such lovely soft light to working in the formal drawing room, backlighting Jackson for some stunning portraits with his mother, to the lovely soft light in Jessica’s bedroom where Jackson loved rolling about on the bed. Each was wonderful and using the different light in different ways meant we could achieve a lovely variety to the images.

I’m thrilled with this selection of images from our baby photography session in West London and I hope you like them too. Please do get in touch if you are interested in arranging your own family photography session, there are still a limited number of slots available in the autumn and I’d love to hear from you.

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