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Summer Baby Photo Shoot in Clapham


Baby photography filled with wonder and delight

I’m thrilled to be sharing some images from a wonderful baby photography session in Clapham in South London. We had such a great time, and the images are a delight – full of fun, laughter and love, just what I look for in a baby photography session. Read on to hear more about the morning we spent together, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Baby Photography at five months old

The fabulous thing about photographing babies is they are just so cute at every age. From tiny newborns, through to one-year-olds taking their first steps and discovering the joy of birthday cake, each milestone is full of wonder and delight.

Five months old is a particularly joyful age for pictures. The little ones are still so tiny and yet personality shines through. Lifting their heads when lying on their tummy or sitting up and laughing at the camera, it’s a perfect moment for some beautiful portraits, images to treasure down the generations.

Starting at home, little moments

Taking pictures at home to start the day we spent some time doing the activities that make days so wonderful with little ones, reading stories, choosing outfits, playing in their cot as well as taking some beautiful portraits.

In years to come the family will be able to sit together and chat about what they did together in these first fantastic months as a family of three, and these images will provide memory jogs for all the little details that make up their days. It’s a wonderful gift to give the little one when they grow up, these visual records of how much they are loved.

Everyday activities

While the little one had a sleep, we headed out for a cup of coffee at nearby Gail’s bakery. It’s always good to fuel parents (and the photographer) and it’s lovely to have some pictures in everyday places. I love the pictures we took as the family picked up a few treats for the afternoon and the little one was already showing an interest in the fresh produce at the lovely local deli. Babies have the greatest expressions whether it’s a smile, an inquisitive look, or the biggest yawn as they wake up and get ready for the next place to play.

Summer on Clapham Common

Next, we headed to Clapham Common which is such a great location for baby and family photographs. When photographing little ones, it’s often lots of little sections within the photoshoot, interspersed with naps and feeds. I love getting outside for one of the chapters as the images are always such a delight.

We started beneath an incredible tree, the canopy providing shelter from the brief moments of drizzle and also the most wonderful light for pictures. then onwards to find a spot for a feed before a moment by the incredible wild-flower meadow that was the location for some of my favourite images of the day including the wonderful silhouette with which I opened todays blog.

Joyful times at home

We finished our shoot with some joyful pictures back at the house. At the beginning of the morning, we’d been in the baby’s nursery and upstairs rooms and so it was lovely to take a few pictures in the stunning front room – I love the light in these Victorian houses.

Chilling on the sofa led to the most delightful game and some of my favourite pictures of the whole morning as parents and baby laughed together, hiding one minute and then snuggling the next, the joy on everyone’s faces so delightful to behold and creating the kind of picture that will be treasured forever.

Chatting earlier we had been talking about how wonderful baby’s smiles are, how you can’t help but smile back at them and how just being around little ones lifts everyone’s mood and fills the world with sunshine. With a little one like this I can see how life must be full of joy, and I hope I will be lucky enough to watch her grow up and create more happy photographs as the years go by.

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