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Toddler photography in Oxford with twins Edwin and Thomas


I had the most lovely time photographing twins Edwin and Thomas and their parents at their grandparents’ home in Oxford recently – it was a lovely day for a children’s and family photo session, and the twins were so much fun to photograph.

I feel we covered so many bases with this shoot – both indoors and outdoors, a variety of different outfits, and different moods from the twins from initial interest tempered by a bit of shyness to having one twin climbing me like a climbing frame as I tried to photograph his brother. I think the cameras look a bit too much like a step ladder for my own safety. It was such a fun shoot and I am thrilled with the results.

I particularly love how the boys have such distinct personalities, but yet there are moments when they look completely and totally identical. Not just their faces, which are obviously very similar, but with their body language too; the shot I chose for the ‘Just One’ preview post is a lovely example of this with their arms and the turn of their bodies identical. It’s incredible to see and lots of fun to photograph.

We had a great time exploring the family’s garden with all its little nooks and crannies, and many fascinating and unique elements. I loved the stone dragon sculpture and the boys were enraptured with the glass lanterns (I’ll admit that was one we didn’t encourage, too much of a recipe for disaster) but then we found, of all wondrous delights, a puddle! And we were set.

Much jumping and splashing followed to the amusement of all the adults – we offered a football, but the boys wanted a puddle. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity for children to find hours of fun in something so simple as jumping in a puddle, or playing in a cardboard box. The boys absolutely loved it.

When we decided the boys were too wet and snack time was approaching, we headed back inside for some playing indoors. Again, we had lots of fun with the boys finding so much to do and play in their grandparents’ living room. I think using the metal table top as a sledge was definitely the highpoint – it even trumped the excitement of climbing under the table, and switching on and off the electric lights (always a favourite with small children, I find) although I fear that it will be an activity repeated on every visit to Grandpa’s for years to come.

It was a lovely day and I’m so thrilled with the pictures of these two lovely boys – twins Edwin and Thomas taken at their grandparents’ home in Oxford, a selection of children’s portraits I am really pleased with and I hope you will enjoy too.

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