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Twin baby photo shoot in Wandsworth


Twins are always such fun for baby photography sessions. I always think it must be such fun to be a twin – a ready made playmate for life. I’m close in age to my next brother up (only fifteen months between us) and that is amazing, being a twin must be even more fun.

These little ones were so incredibly cute and I was so pleased that Alison and Martin had chosen me to visit them at their lovely Wandsworth home for some baby and family photographs.

We had such a lovely morning, the twins were relaxed and smiley and we chatted as Alison and Martin played with them, eliciting all those wonderful little smiles that babies only have for their parents – there was such a lot of love in the room, it was wonderful.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from our baby and family photography session in Wandsworth. Ihope you like them.

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