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Baby Photographs and Baby Photographer in Richmond and Richmond Park TW9 and TW10

Photographing our loved ones is about memories and so, in your baby photographs, I will provide you with images full of memories of your baby’s early days at your home in Richmond. As an experienced baby photographer in Richmond, I travel to you so that your portraits detail your family life.

Photographing your baby in your Richmond Home

Photographing in your home for at least part of the session is a great way to ensure your baby is completely happy and relaxed.  We will have everything we need for feeds and changes and I can photograph your baby rolling around happily on your bed, snug and warm and content.

With more than fourteen years’ experience I’m confident in working in every situation from big houses to tiny basement flats so don’t worry if you think your home isn’t big enough or tidy enough, it’s your home and it will be perfect.

Baby photography sessions in your own home are particularly lovely as you will have so many memories of your daily routine that we can record in your pictures – do you have a favourite chair you like to nurse in or is there a perfect spot on the sofa where the family snuggle up together to read?  Does your partner love to play with your baby on the bed, holding them in the air as the giggle at being able to fly?  Think about all the things that make this time special and we can incorporate those into your photo shoot so that when you look back on your pictures you will remember this wonderful time you spent together.

Photographing your baby outside at the park

Often we will also go outside for part of your baby photography session.  I love the variety of mixing indoor and outdoor pictures and Richmond has some of the most beautiful parks in London, perfect locations for baby photography.

If your baby likes to sleep in their buggy then we can head out when they have their nap and have a lovely walk around the park while they sleep.  Then, when they wake up we will be on location and ready to go after they have had a snack.

If they prefer to sleep at home in their cot then that is fine too.  The photo shoot is tailored around your child and their routine to ensure their comfort throughout.

Outside we can take very different pictures, beautiful shots that really incorporate the environment around us.  I love the woodland and the bigger vistas of beautiful Richmond Park and we can find beautiful spots for your baby to crawl or for you to show them flowers and trees.  All the things you and your baby love to do together from reading a book to swings and ice cream these are the activities that will make up your session.

Black and white baby photography

All my work is taken in beautiful black and white to create timeless images.  Following in the footsteps of the great photographers I strive to create images that will look fantastic now, will look fantastic when your child is a self-conscious teenager and will look fantastic when they are adults, telling stories to their own children about growing up in Richmond.

Book your Richmond baby portrait photography session now

If you like the sound of my relaxed baby-led photography sessions, then do get in touch.  If you want to find out more first, then please take a look around the website.  On the newborn and baby pages you will be able to see portfolios of my very best images as well as more information about choosing the perfect time to photograph your baby and, in Thomas’ story you can follow one child over four photoshoots in his first year.  There are frequently asked questions and a full price list and lots of other ideas and inspirations.  The blog has been regularly updated since 2007 and so you can get a brilliant idea of the style and variety of my work.

I do hope you will like what you see and that you would like to arrange a baby photography session.  Do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.