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Baby Photography in Maida Vale and Regent’s Park, North London W9

Choosing the right photographer for your baby can be a daunting task, with over nineteen years experience offering baby photography in Maida Vale, you can be sure that I will create beautiful images of your baby.

Over the years I’ve photographed so many families and made so many friends, many of my clients first come to me for their baby photography and then return year on year to build up a record of their children’s early life.  It’s incredible to watch and document the little ones growing up from those tiny snoozy newborn shots all the way through to their teenage years.  For me it’s always such a pleasure and a privilege to take these pictures and for the children they will grow up to have a wonderful collection of beautiful pictures from their early years.

Photographing your child over the years

It’s lovely to start this photographic journey when your little one is still a baby, whether that’s a tiny newborn, when they are just lifting their heads at about 14 weeks, sitting up at six months or even learning to crawl. Each of these ages is wonderful for baby photography and there is more information on this over on the main baby page along with pictures taken over one child’s first year so you can see the development.  It’s such a personal choice when is the best time for your baby photographs that it’s worth doing a bit of research to see what age suits you best, or you might decide to record all the milestones with a number of photoshoots in your baby’s first year.

Locations for your baby photo shoot

Maida Vale and Regents’ Park have so many options for great locations for your baby photo shoot.  Usually with babies I’ll do at least part of the session at your home, where you have everything to hand and where your baby will be completely comfortable and relaxed.  Working around naptimes and feeds we can do all their favourite things, play with their toys, listen to their favourite tunes and make sure we take lots of pictures that will bring back memories for you and for them.

If the weather is nice we can venture outside.  The canals of Maida Vale and beautiful Regents Park make wonderful locations for a family walk and it adds lovely variation to your pictures to have some indoors and some outside.  North London is so well catered for with parks we can find some beautiful spots near your home.  Your baby might enjoy a crawl around in the grass or being lifted high in the sky, they might enjoy looking at flowers or ducks.  We can do all their favourite things to ensure that your pictures are both beautiful and also very personal to you and your family showing your favourite things in your favourite places.

I will provide you with beautiful baby photos that are full of memories, natural shots that are fun to take and wonderful to look back on as the years pass.  I hope that this style and approach appeals to you and that you might like to book me to visit you in Maida Vale or Regents Park in North London where we can photograph your family and give your child the gift of beautiful baby photographs.

We couldn’t be happier with how our photos turned out. Helen came highly recommended, but the entire experience completely exceeded all expectations. Helen’s relaxed and personable approach put us immediately at ease, and consequently we really felt we got even more out of the session than we had anticipated. I was astonished by how much Helen was able to capture during the day and with the variation of the photos taken of our baby girl. It was such a wonderful, joyful experience and the photos are absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough!