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Fun and Relaxed Portrait Photographs of Teenagers

Posted in Just One at 13:28 on 19/07/2017


One of the things I enjoy most about my job as a family photographer in London is the unpredictability - I never know what we will end up doing and how my mornings will pan out. Family photography is always so exciting. I love visiting families again and again over the years and how, even when I know a family well, we never do the same thing twice. I was so pleased to see Clare and Sebastian again recently for a children and family photography session in Battersea. I first photographed Harry when he was only four months old, and now, a teenager - interesting and articulate and such a brilliant big brother to his younger siblings Thomas and Heather, it was wonderful to see him again. Over the years we have updated the family photographs and it’s so lovely to know that the children can look back on these pictures when they are older and remember all the fun they had together.

Our session in Battersea was so much fun. When I’m photographing teenager, I love to have an activity that we can do together, or to base part of the session around their hobbies and interests. This way, as well as family photos and individual portraits we make sure to get some lovely action shots when the children forget about the camera and just have fun, having fun always makes for the best pictures and its the challenge and the joy of my job to work out how to photograph different things in a visually interesting and artistic way.

When Clare suggested the reclined bikes I was both apprehensive and excited. It’s always fun to photograph something new and always a challenge and I love a challenge! I had so much fun photographing the children on their bikes, almost as much as I think they loved being on them, zooming around the park, racing each other and tearing up and down hills. It was the perfect activity and an inspired idea by Clare.

And so, it is one of the pictures on the reclined bikes that I have chosen for my Just One today. There are so many shots that I love and it’s been so hard to choose but I really like this one of Harry speeding by so fast, the panning making the background blur while Harry remains pin sharp, his smile lighting up the picture as he laughs into the camera lens. I love the fact that he is framed by the foliage at the top, it’s almost as if the shape of the tree had been cut especially for this picture. Looking closely we can see the speed of the wheels, zooming round as Harry flies by, showing his younger siblings just how it should be done.

I’m so pleased with this picture and I look forward to sharing many others from this shoot in the future. If this is the kind of picture you think you would like to have taken, images that show teenagers relaxed and having fun then please do get in touch and we can tailor the perfect photo shoot for your family, maybe you can even find a new activity that I’ve never photographed before, that would be awesome!

North London Family Photographer

Posted in Family at 10:03 on 18/07/2017


I first met Kate and Tom back in 2014 when I visited them at their North London home to take some stylish black and white family photograph with their newborn baby daughter Elsa. Elsa was under a fortnight old at the time and we spent a fabulous morning together. I utilised the incredible light in their beautifully designed home and took some of my favourite ever newborn and family photographs in North London.

Since then time has flown by and with another baby on the way Kate and Tom were keen to update their family photographs. We thought it would be a lovely idea to have a family session with Elsa before her new baby sibling is born and I visit the family again for their newborn pictures. Elsa is 2 years old and so full of personality, it was so lovely to have a photo shoot that is all about her and celebrates this time when the family is just three before the new baby arrives. As the youngest child of four I find it fascinating to look at the pictures of my parents and my brothers before I was born and to see all the things they enjoyed before I arrived on the scene.

We had such a great time, Elsa was an absolute joy to photograph, keen to play and to involve me in all her games. She showed me around the amazing North London park near the family home which made such a great location for our photographs. I love to include the environment in my pictures and to use locations to create stylish and unique family photographs.

Towards the end of the morning the weather took a turn for the worse and after ice cream under umbrellas (so typical of British summertime) we headed back to the house for some indoor pictures. I love Kate and Tom’s home, it’s got the most incredible light and the decor is just stunning. We took some pictures in Elsa’s room - don’t you love the shot of her reading to her teddies? Then we played with the amazing toy pram in the living room. It almost feels, looking at these pictures, as if the baby has already arrived and Elsa is talking to her tiny sibling, but that’s still to come, I can’t wait for our next shoot in the autumn.

I’m so pleased with these pictures and I hope you will agree that using stylish black and white has really added to the impact of these beautiful family portraits from our recent photo shoot in North London. If you would like some more information about my family photo shoots perhaps visit the how it works page to find out more or take a look at some other North London family photo shoots such as this family photography session in Islington N1 or this North London newborn photography session

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Fulham Family Photographer SW6 - Just One

Posted in Just One at 07:02 on 17/07/2017


I spent the most wonderful morning in Fulham with these three wonderful children. It’s funny, I’ll not visit a park for ages (my work takes me all over the UK) and then I’ll find I’m there twice in a fortnight, it definitely keeps things interesting. I was so pleased to meet Anne and her children for our photo shoot and we spent a fantastic morning together.

We started off with a trip to the park – it’s always lovely to get out and about and, with such beautiful locations on our doorstep, it made sense to go out and explore. The children had a great time, starting off at the playground for a play on the swings and then moving into Fulham Palace itself for a run around among the trees. Ava had such a great time exploring her tree houses and I loved playing with her among the branches, a perfect spot for photography.

We finished the session with pictures at home and in the garden, playing on the children’s favourite toys, their slide and swing and enjoying all the fun that home can offer. It’s been hard choosing a just one but this picture really leapt out at me. I love how all their personalities shine through.

Ava was such a brilliant big sister, with older brothers myself I’ve always thought a big sister would be cool and she was so much fun, looking after her younger siblings and making sure they were having fun. Here she swung them just the right amount so the boys enjoyed themselves without getting scared. I love how all the children are looking up towards their mum, smiling as they enjoy themselves on the swing while I take pictures.

Pictures like this will, I’m sure, bring back so many memories when the children are older, not of this day with me taking pictures but of this park – around the corner from the family home – where I’m sure they will spend so many days. Here they may play on swings, learn to ride a bike, play football and get to the top of the climbing frame. There may be picnics with their family and parties with their friends and I hope shots like this will make them think of the places and the people who make their childhood wonderful, what more could you hope for in a photograph.

Speaking at the Societies Convention in 2018

Posted in For Photographers at 15:20 on 15/07/2017

Over the years I have taught a variety of seminars and workshops for professional and aspiring professional family photographers - travelling all over the UK and including a number of events at the prestigious Apple Store in London - I love to help the next generation of photographers to learn and hone their craft. The past few years I haven’t offered any teaching or mentoring but I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking on the subject of Finding your Style in Family Photography at the Societies convention in January 2018

The The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography annual convention, held at the Hilton Hotel in Edgware in Central London is the largest gathering of social photographers in Europe and their annual trade show and convention is a must do event for everyone in the social photography world.

My talk, sponsored by the fantastic Light Blue Software, will be taking place on the Sunday afternoon and is one to put in your diary, it will be lovely to see lots of you there.

Family Beach Fun - Just One

Posted in Just One at 07:59 on 15/07/2017


I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a great family photograph and the pictures that often draw me are ones that show relationships and interaction and that is why I love this family photograph taken on the beach so much.

A cold day on the Northumberland coast but one of those incredibly bright days with not a cloud in the sky and we had a wonderful time running around and jumping on the dues. Ella and Rosie loved playing with their parents, building sand castles and being thrown in the air while baby Mhairi slept most of the morning snuggled in her parents arms (and enjoying a game of football from the safety of her sling). It was such good fun.

The beach means so much to the family and it was lovely to get out of London and visit a new location. It’s great fun to photograph in places that are important to my clients, capturing pictures that will hold so many memories for them as the children grow up.

This picture really caught my eye as it sums up our day so well – lots of action with Rowan swinging his daughter round in circles and Ella, laughing so much as she spins. Little Rosie, looking up excited that it will be her turn next with the sun catching in her curls, that wispy baby hair that will probably grow out before long. Lucy chilled out in the background with baby Mhairi, looking on at her family and smiling as they all have fun together. It’s a lovely picture of a wonderful family and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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