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Bubble Bath Fun - Just One

Posted in Just One at 13:35 on 19/04/2017


I do love a bath time shot - there’s something about all the bubbles and the possibilities of splashing that leads to hilarious pictures. I used to love bath time as a child, hours spent with my brother racing drips down the wall and playing with plastic toys and water pistols. I have memories of my dad doing ‘thunderstorm’ baths which may well have just been a cup of water poured over our heads, they probably were, but as a child they were the most exciting thing ever and it was one of the best treats if dad was home in time to wash our hair. Then, for us, fluffy dressing gowns in front of the fire as mum read stories while our hair dried. I have so many memories.

It’s in the quest to record memories for the children I photograph that I’m always pleased to do bath shots - it’s one of those every day activities that hold so many childhood memories and which isn’t often photographed by a professional. I love the challenge of making sure that the pictures record the feel of the bath time mayhem but also pass the essential ‘would I like my parents to have the picture hung on the wall when I am a teenager test’, a test which guides my photography at all times as my clients are as much the children in the photographs as their parents who commission my work. I think this picture has everything that I’m after in a portrait - I love it.

We had such a brilliant time on our recent photo shoot and so it was hard to choose a favourite picture - there were so many options, a trip to the park, playing at home, ice cream and then this, bath time but I chose this picture as I love both the composition and also Stella’s expression so much. I love that feeling of a bath so full of bubbles, bubbles which can be molded into mountains or used to style hair into mohawks, can be a trendy bubble beard or a snuggly bubble blanket, it’s that mix of imagination and a physical, tangible, changeable thing - bubbles - which can make baths so much fun. Add to that water with all the opportunities for splashing your sibling (or your photographer) and a good time is guaranteed for all!

When thinking of activities for a photo shoot do think of the everyday things - these often create the best memories as they are what childhood is made of and we can fit a lot of things in on a photo shoot, making sure we have pictures that hold so many memories for your children when they have grown up.

Family Photography in St James Park London - Just One

Posted in Just One at 16:37 on 18/04/2017


It’s been a fantastic Easter - both the bank holiday weekend itself and the past few weeks with the children off school and the diary full of photo shoots. I’ve met so many lovely new clients and also visited many families who have regular photo shoots and I’ve photographed in London parks and the beaches of Northumberland, it’s been such fun.

One of my favourite recent shoots was with a lovely family who were visiting London for their holidays. We met up in St James’ Park, one of my favourite locations, for a fantastic morning of fun, games and photography. I’m so pleased to be sharing an image from that shoot on the blog today.

To me this is a picture that really seems to sum up spring in London - two beautiful girls playing together in one of London’s most fabulous parks. The blossom on the trees, the spring grass dappled with sunlight and sprinkled with daisies. These two beautiful girls, pony tails flying as they spin around in one of the best childhood games. I love their expressions, laughing together as they play, completely forgetting about the camera. It’s such a sibling moment, hands held so tight, laughing happily together, it’s just the kind of image that I am sure they will love to have on the wall when they are older, reminding them of all the fun of their childhood.

We had such a brilliant time together, these two beautiful sisters and their other siblings, five children in all. They must have such fun growing up together. As one of four I love photographing big families and love to see the incredible bonds between the children, older ones looking out for the younger ones and how they always know how to make each other laugh. Taking pictures that show these bonds of friendship and love are the greatest part of my job and I hope you will agree that this image, today’s Just One, does just that.

Family Photography on the Southbank London

Posted in Family at 07:40 on 17/04/2017




My ninth photo shoot with Linda and her wonderful family took place in central London and the South Bank. We’ve had an annual summer shoot since 2006 and over that time the family has grown both in age and number. I always really look forward to our sessions and to updating what is an incredible document for the children.

Annual photo sessions are such a fascinating insight into a family – we record what the children look like at this point in time, and also more than that. By photographing them having fun together and interacting we also get a really good feel for who they are, their relationships with each other and with the wider world.

Over the years I have watched shy children grow into confident, intelligent young people with so many ideas and opinions and I have watched the relationships between the siblings deepen and develop into the strong bonds that they will take into adulthood. The love between siblings is a love like no other and I feel very lucky that I get to photograph it so often. Even at moments of strife and squabble (which there inevitably are as children grow up) you can see the bonds of friendship, the ties that hold them together. It’s fair to say that nobody knows how to wind you up like a sibling but also nobody has your back like they do too.

It’s been such a pleasure to photograph this family over the last nine years - at their home in Knightsbridge, at many of London’s fantastic parks and this year, on the South Bank and around the area of St Paul’s. Each shoot has been great fun and on each one I’m always looking for new images that will be enjoyed by the family long into the future.

I hope you like the pictures. If you would like to arrange a photo shoot for your own family then do get in touch, I’m taking bookings for the spring, summer and autumn and I’d love to hear from you.
























Family Portrait Photographer Guildford

Posted in Family at 17:36 on 13/04/2017




Photographing this family in Guildford was, without a doubt, one of the most fun mornings I’ve ever spent. We had such a brilliant time.

This family photo shoot is from a little while back now when I was testing a pre-production model of a new camera - the Canon 1DX mark 2 for Canon UK, the idea being that I would test the camera on a few live shoots and then feedback any thoughts to Canon – an incredible privilege for me as a photographer.

It was great to put the camera through it’s paces with such a lively photo shoot, seeing the incredible low light performance and the phenomenal autofocus which is so important to me as a children’s portrait photographer. I often feel that wildlife, sport and children are three things that really need exceptional speed from our equipment.

The girls were really into the whole project and happy to run around and jump about – how often are you specifically asked to jump on a bed and hide under the covers – but it was perfect for testing the cameras.

And then we went outside for some pictures in the nearby woodland – I wanted to see how the camera would react in different types of environments that I usually find myself in – outdoors and indoors.

I really love how, in the course of a family photography session, if the photographer allows scenes to play themselves out and works in a documentary fashion we get such a true sense of children’s personalities. Having the family sit on a log for a photograph is one thing but then waiting to see what happens and getting this hilarious series as the youngest child takes charge is something else and results in such great images that mean so much to the family.

It was a brilliant morning and I’m thrilled with the results. I hope you enjoy looking at them, this selection of portrait photographs from a family photo session in Guildford.

























Peek-a-Boo! Family Photography in St James Park

Posted in Just One at 16:50 on 13/04/2017




I love this little sequence from a recent photo shoot in St James’ Park in London. This was my second shoot with this lovely family and I was so thrilled to see them again when they visited London this Easter. We were lucky enough to be out and about on one of these recent beautiful spring days, I love this time of year everything feels so full of promise for an exciting year ahead.

It’s unusual for me to share a second image in my ‘Just One’ series but these pictures just need to be shown together. I love the story they tell and the wonderful expressions in both images. If I had to choose one though it would be the first one – the anticipation is fantastic. I love how the little one is leaning forward, so excited to see what is happening as her sister hides behind her hands – Peek-a… You can feel the joy and then, moments later…. BOO! The big reveal and laughter from both sisters as they enjoy their game.

Pictures like this are what my photography is all about, they tell a story and show us a wonderful relationship between two children who love each other so dearly. They tell us about a favourite game and that incredible ways that siblings can always make each other laugh, knowing all the best jokes and exactly what will raise a smile. They are also pictures about childhood, about a simple game that must have been played for centuries but which never fails to please.

I’m so pleased with these pictures and I hope you will like them as much as I do – today’s ‘Just Two’ from my recent family photography session in St James’ Park.

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