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Business Headshot Portrait Photos in North London

Posted in Headshots at 08:07 on 15/02/2018


I spent a lovely morning photographing Aubrey for his business headshots recently. An academic, Aubrey needed a professional portrait photograph he could use on his website, in journals, for speaking engagements and many other areas. Having researched thoroughly he chose me for the job and we arranged an appointment at my Crouch End studio.

I always really enjoy taking headshots, while I love the day to day fun of photographing children, it’s always fascinating to photograph adults. It’s lovely to hear what people do for a living and every day I’m amazed anew at all the different jobs there are out there – so varied and so different to the standard options offered at school careers days in the 90s.

We had a great time and Aubrey was a natural in front of the camera. My new Canon 85 1.4L lens which had arrived earlier that week was also fabulous and it’s fun as a photographer to have new kit once in a while. I’m thrilled with the pictures and here are a few favourites, I hope you like them as much as I do.

If you need a professional portrait taken, for business use or even just for your online social media profiles, then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you and regularly have midweek availability.





North London Headshot Photographer

Posted in Headshots at 08:14 on 03/04/2017


Pamela needed a really lovely natural headshot photograph for her new website and contacted me to arrange a session at my North London studio. Two days later and we had a fantastic day for our studio session, beautiful natural light in my studio and also the flexibility to take some pictures in my garden, which added extra variety to Pamela’s portfolio.

Studio sessions are fantastic for headshots as we can control the light to ensure a really beautiful flattering portrait. At this time of year being inside also means a spring breeze does not destroy that a fantastic blow-dry. To get the best out of our session we worked indoors first with a selection of outfits and then moved outside to finish the session, as it turned out the slight breeze worked perfectly, emulating the expensive wind machines used in some high end fashion shoots – in the words of Hannibal Smith from the A-Team ‘I love it when a plan comes together!’

It was fascinating to talk to Pamela about her new business venture and all the training she has had to become a specialist in her field – I learnt so much about aromatherapy and essential oils in the hour we spent together – it was lovely to chat to someone so passionate about their subject, I’m sure Pamela’s new business will be a roaring success.

If you are setting up a new business and need a portrait that will reflect your personality then do get in touch and we can schedule your session. Headshots are available Monday to Friday during daylight hours and start at £195, I’d love to hear from you.



Author Headshot Photography London

Posted in Headshots at 08:04 on 22/03/2017


I am photographing an increasing number of author portrait publicity headshots here at my North London studio. Authors need portrait photographs for book jackets and publicity pieces, for use in magazines and online and so having a really good headshot photo is a must. These headshots will be so important in a world that is increasingly lived online – websites, social media, LinkedIn, they all require a great portrait.

I have set up my North London studio to provide a good selection of images within a short session – we spend around 45 minutes to an hour taking pictures, which makes the headshot portrait sessions quick and efficient.

Maigaelle was an absolute joy to photograph, a total natural in front of the camera and I had such a wonderful time hearing about her forthcoming novel, it sounds right up my street so I’m looking forward to getting that on pre-order as soon as it is announced. It will be a wonderful summer read and is due for release in June.

It’s definitely one of the things I love most about headshot portrait photography – chatting to my clients about their jobs. I have this amazing opportunity to learn about so many different industries and I love hearing how people have arrived at this point where they need a portrait. As an avid reader I find this to be particularly fascinating with authors, hearing about the creative process is incredibly interesting.

It’s always a pleasure taking headshots and the sessions are always really fun. If you think you might be interested in a session then do get in touch and we can have a chat about what you are looking for and put something in the diary.




Publicity Headshot Photography Crouch End N8

Posted in Headshots at 08:19 on 08/03/2017


Aneta chose these three stunning images from her recent headshot portrait photography session at my home studio in Crouch End in North London. Having recently started a new job Aneta needed some new pictures that she could use for press and publicity and I was thrilled to oblige, I had already taken some recent pictures for her new boss and so it was great to keep the ‘house style’ going.

Although initially a little nervous Aneta was a natural in front of the camera and a very grey day gave us beautiful soft light to work with. We tried a variety of different types of backdrops from plain walls and paper backdrops to my small garden (a shallow depth of field creates the beautiful blurred background you can see here and nobody can see the lack of pruning, another little job for when the weather warms up!).

Aneta brought a variety of tops with her so that we could create some different looks and she has chosen one of each as files to purchase. Different looks and different moods can be so useful and I always aim to provide maximum variety for my headshot clients. These images can be used for all Aneta’s PR and publicity needs from the company website to LinkedIn, social media and corporate brochures. I wouldn’t be surprised if one turned up on Facebook too, it’s always so lovely to have a cool new profile picture.

If you like this style of image and would like to book your own headshot session then do get in touch and we can get that in the diary.



Highgate Headshot Photography

Posted in Headshots at 07:00 on 20/02/2017


Catherine contacted me from her home in Highgate after looking online for headshot photographers in North London, she was keen to get some portrait photographs for her business as an osteopath.

We discussed the different options - I offer both indoor and outdoor headshot sessions and decided that some outdoor pictures would suit her best. As a very sporty and outdoorsy person Catherine felt that being outside would be perfect and also she loved the idea of my relaxed sessions that take place over the course of a walk around the park. It’s great to walk and talk as we take pictures as it’s so relaxing, we find a good spot, take a few pictures, move to the next spot, conversation flows and we have a brilliant time. I love it and really enjoy the challenges of looking for good locations and great light.

We had a brilliant time, Catherine was a natural in front of the camera and had bought a few different tops so we were able to get some different moods to the pictures, some more formal and some more relaxed that would be perfect for her sport related activities. If you book a headshot I often recommend bringing a few different tops as what you are wearing can really change the feel of a picture, a crisp shirt compared to a relaxed t-shirt gives a very different look and I’m looking to provide as much variety as possible for my clients to choose from.

In the end Catherine chose three beautiful image and I’m pleased to share those here along with a couple of my favourites so as to really demonstrate the variety of images I aim to produce on one of my outdoor headshot sessions in North London.