Baby Photographer in Holland Park - Just One - Jackson

Posted in Just One at 09:41 on 08/03/2016


Jackson has the greatest smile! I love how personality shines through at such a young age and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him on my recent baby photography session in Holland Park.

We had such a lovely morning together taking photographs while Jackson stuck to his normal morning routine. When photographing little ones I like to keep things as calm as possible, sticking to the usual schedule of naps and feeds, so the babies feel completely relaxed and happy while I take pictures. It also means that I can capture a really lovely sense of the their lives at this time. It’s these little things that will often produce the most powerful photographs as they will have so many memories attached, memories of times and places beyond the photo shoot itself.

This wonderful photograph was taken as Jackson finished feeding. Sitting in a favourite spot in the kitchen the lights in the background anchor this image to it’s setting – as do the catchlights in Jackson’s eyes which, when looked at closely, reflect the French window’s and his lovely garden beyond. It shows exactly where they are when viewed by someone who knows the house. I love details like this, subtle touches that tell a bigger story.

I love Jessica’s expression in the background, a lovely smile on her lips as she cuddles her beautiful son. By using a very shallow depth of field to really emphasize the foreground we really focus on Jackson but having his mum there in the shot too makes it, to me, a much stronger and more personal image than if it had been a straight portrait of Jackson alone. It shows this relationship between mother and baby that will be so important to them both as the years go by.

The best bit about this picture though, and I am sure you will agree, is that marvelous expression, a wonderful smile, so full of interest and fun. It’s as if he’s saying ‘well hello, I’ve just had a wonderful snack and am ready to play and here you are, ready to play too, how exciting!’ he really was such a character and so happy to engage with me and with the camera to create wonderful images all morning long.

I hope you like this image, today’s Just One from my recent baby photography session in Holland Park. Do let me know if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot, I’d love to hear from you.

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