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Family and children's photography in Maida Vale and Paddington, North London

Posted in Family at 17:00 on 30/01/2015

This was my fourth family photography session with Elke, Peter, Uncle Robin and the wonderful Laszlo and, as always, we had a brilliant time taking children and family photographs near their home in Maida Vale in North London. You can explore a selection of pictures from our three previous shoots on the blog too - from Regent's Park in 2013, the Kensington museums in 2012 and at home in Maida Vale in 2011.

It's always such a pleasure to visit the family and I always really look forward to my sessions with Laszlo, as he is such fun to photograph. We always end up having such interesting mornings exploring the area around Maida Vale and Paddington to find fantastic locations for our photographs. I always enjoy exploring new places and always end up capturing some of my favourite pictures of the year during our annual sessions as we incorporate new places, interesting architecture, wonderful parks and the canals of Maida Vale and Little Venice into our family photographs. I love how these pictures will remind Laszlo of all the fun he had with his parents, exploring London and learning so much along the way. I also learn interesting things on these sessions, from how the London bus tracker app works to, this year, how the canals are dredged. It's good knowledge to have tucked away - you never know when it might come in handy.

For this year’s family photo shoot, we explored the area around Little Venice and Paddington Basin before returning home for a few pictures in Elke's beautiful Maida Vale home. We were lucky with the weather as it wasn't too cold and Laszlo was happy running around, looking at the boats, counting the ducks and generally having a lovely time.

I particularly loved the area around Paddington Basin where the tiered seating made the most incredible backdrop for portraits of Laszlo - I do love it when I can include really good graphic elements in my children's photography and on this session, I was spoilt for choice. The dark and light contrast in the basin worked so well with Laszlo's striped jumper, it was one of those lucky coincidences that always make me smile.

Here are a few favourites from our shoot around North London, which I do hope you will enjoy. Do contact us if you would like to arrange your own family photography session in Maida Vale or elsewhere in London - we have a limited number of dates left during the February half term and we'd love to hear from you.


































Guest blog exploring why I photograph in black and white

Posted in In the press at 17:30 on 28/01/2015


I’m very excited to be featured as a guest blogger on the influential international children's photography website Clickin Moms. Clickin Moms is an online community of photographers based around a discussion forum that explores the artistry and practice of children's portrait photography. As a member of their professional organisation, I was asked to write a piece for the blog on the subject of ‘why I shoot in black and white’, which - as many of you will know - is a subject that I feel passionately about.

I've included a link to the full post here - I do hope you will take a moment to have a read and let me know what you think. It's lovely to be included on a blog alongside so many passionate and talented photographers, and I hope this will be the first of many guest blogs this year!


Family portrait photography with teenagers in Bath

Posted in Teenagers at 16:00 on 27/01/2015

I have been lucky enough to photograph Cate since she was two years old, in the days before I officially started my photography business. I cut my teeth as a photographer by photographing the children at my mother’s nursery school at home in Blackheath, and then creating black and white prints in our home darkroom to sell to the children’s parents - this is how I first met Cate twelve years ago and I'm so thrilled that I am still photographing her now, so many years on.

Our photo shoot took place in Bath, at the iconic Royal Crescent and The Circus, which were both incredible locations for our family and children's portrait session and particularly good when photographing such a stunning teenager and such well-behaved dogs.

We started our morning at family’s home with some more formal pictures as possible options for the family Christmas card - photographing Cate with her dogs wearing comedy Christmas hats has been part of my calendar for so many years, and I love how even the dogs seem to think the whole thing is hilarious.

From home, we then took one of the family's dogs, Ed, over to the Royal Crescent for some relaxed outdoor pictures whilst playing and running around. I love how the relationship between Cate and Ed the dog is clearly so strong and they have so much fun together - it's wonderful to be able to capture this in my portrait photographs.

On our way back to the house, I took one of my favourite pictures of the day - Cate and Ed are walking ahead across The Circus, heading home, with mist in the air adding a feeling of mystery to the photograph - it seems to me that it could have been taken anytime in the last century or so.

Wanting to utilise the incredible architecture of The Circus, I also took some shots of Cate on the balcony which brings a real feel for the sweep of this majestic and iconic architectural setting. It’s a really stunning spot and one I feel privileged to have photographed in. I love these pictures with Cate looking so glamorous, almost like a 1930s movie star looking down on adoring fans.

We finished our morning in the garden with some simple headshot portraits that really capture Cate's personality at this time. It was a wonderful session and I can't wait for next year!


























Family photography in Richmond Park

Posted in Family at 16:30 on 23/01/2015

This was my fourth shoot with Richard, Nicola and their lovely family - I have enjoyed photographing them every couple of years since 2008. It's such a pleasure to see how children grow over the years and turn from tiny smiling babies into interesting and intelligent young people - I love every minute of it.

For this year’s portrait session, we decided to head to Richmond Park for our family photographs. I was thrilled as I love Richmond as a location for photography and I hadn't visited for a while. One of the fun things about working throughout London for my children and family photography is that I have the opportunity to visit so many places, from Blackheath to Hampstead, from Notting Hill to Victoria Park, and from Wimbledon to Dulwich - there are so many interesting locations for family photographs. Visiting so many different places means that I never get bored with locations, and always find new and different angles and compositions for each client - never repeating shots from one day to the next.

Richmond Park is wonderful as it's so varied and interesting - we let the children explore, taking me to places they particularly liked and playing games they really enjoyed.

We explored lots of areas I had never been to before, from the hill with the telescope on top where you have a view all the way to St Paul's Cathedral, to the best places for a game of 40-40 Home. We played with light sabers and attempted (unsuccessfully of course) to make fire by rubbing sticks together in our incredible den. It was a wonderful way to spend a morning.

Just before lunch, we headed home to Richard and Nicola's beautiful home in Putney, South London, for a few pictures with their new puppy - the picture of the puppy collecting crumbs from the floor is one of my favourites, and I’m so pleased that family now have this image printed nice and big on their kitchen wall.

It was a wonderful day and a wonderful set of children and family photographs from our morning in Richmond Park - I do hope you enjoy them.


























The best of our children's and family photography 2014

Posted in Best of the Year at 16:30 on 09/01/2015

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Today on the blog, I’m very excited to share some of my favourite images from 2014. It’s a selection of my very best newborn, baby, children and family portrait photographs that have been taken on location in family homes in London and across the UK throughout the past twelve months.

It’s been incredibly hard narrowing down the pictures to this selection, as there are so many pictures that I have loved from our family photo shoots - from tiny newborn babies held in their parents’ arms, to laughing toddlers running in the park and enormous families enjoying a rare day spent together to celebrate a special occasion. It's always such a privilege to photograph the families that I meet, often then revisiting them year-after-year to update their family pictures.

It’s been a fantastic year for photography; as always, I have striven to take the very best pictures that I can - images that capture the personalities of the children I photograph and the dynamics of each individual family, and also the incredible environments I have been lucky to photograph - from London’s majestic parks to Yorkshire’s stunning beaches and the rolling countryside of the Cotswold hills.

I do hope you take a couple of minutes to enjoy this selection of the best of our children’s and family portrait photography from 2014 (it's best viewed full-screen: just click the expand button in the bottom right corner of the video) - do let us know what you think, and we look forward to sharing more pictures from our forthcoming shoots with you throughout 2015.

If you would like to arrange a photo shoot for your own family, please do contact us - we would love to hear from you.