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Headshot Photographer in Crouch End, North London

Posted in Headshots at 08:00 on 31/01/2017


Years ago Fiona’s children had attended the nursery school run by my mother in the basement of our family home, their pictures had been taken by my older brother before I took over the nursery photography business that we both ran during our teenage years and where I cut my teeth as a children’s portrait photographer. It was so lovely that, when she thought to get some headshots taken, she got in touch with me and arranged to visit my Crouch End Studio to update her business portrait photographs.

Fiona runs her own business and so needed a professional headshot that she could use on her company website and across any social media platforms that she uses. She told me in advance how much she disliked having her picture taken and so it was my pleasure to make the session so much fun that Fiona had a great time and told me she will be much more happy in front of the camera in the future. My feeling is that everyone looks great in photographs if they are photographed well, but so many of us are only photographed on phones, often at the end of an evening in poor light and with little thought to the composition, even Kate Moss doesn’t look good in those circumstances. But with a little thought to light and angle, to composition and to position, all of us can have a picture that we are pleased with and proud to use as our public face on the world of social media and our business web presence.

Years of experience as a specialist portrait photographer means you can be completely confident that I will take portrait photographs of you that you will love and that I will make the whole experience relaxed and fun. Fiona was thrilled with her headshot photographs and you will be too if you book me to provide you with a portrait photograph you will love.




Indoor Family Photography Wandsworth SW12

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This was my third shoot with Olivia and her fantastic family and I had been looking forward to it for ages. I was so thrilled to hear that Baby Ursula had now joined the family and a new photo shoot was required to update the family gallery.

When I first started photographing children and families I was always keen to do all my pictures outdoors, but as the years have passed and my experience and skills have grown I’m really enjoying doing part of a session indoors. The family home is such an important space for children, their bedrooms and their toys, the games they love to play and things they love to do. It’s wonderful to record these.

So we started our session indoors, the children rolling around on their parent’s bed where they enjoy playing each day. The older girls had such fun entertaining their baby sister and she was quite happy snuggling with them as the adults finished getting ready for the photos.

Then we headed out to nearby Wandsworth Common, one of my favourite spots for children and family photography. As it was quite a grey day and we were up and out so early we had the heath to ourselves - the girls were particularly happy to have sole use of the playground. Swings were a massive favourite with Ursula and her sisters pushing her backwards and forwards has resulted in some lovely shots of the girls together. I love these pictures that show something happening, especially when it’s older siblings entertaining their younger ones, they always remind me of how lucky I have been to have three older brothers who have all looked after me and entertained me so much over the years.

When it began to get a little cold we headed back indoors for drinks and snacks and some more pictures. The older girls were very keen to show me their marble run, set up safely in their bedroom away from the hands of baby Ursula who was just at the age where she would eat marbles as soon as look at them. The light was lovely and it was really fun to take pictures that capture the look of concentration as the runs were created and the marbles flowed down.

I’m always alert when I’m photographing children as often my favourite pictures come in-between activities or even when we are moving between one area of the house and another. The shots of Ursula choosing books really make me smile and they were just on our way from one room to another.

Playing on the parents bed is clearly one of the girls favourite activities and who was I to complain when the game moved from playing under the sheets to, what was clearly the very best thing ever, jumping from the window sill onto the bed. Checking with their parents I discovered that this is a favourite activity and so I had a great time working to get the very best pictures. I love these shots, some of my absolute favourites of recent times.

We finished with some pictures at the piano; the older girls are both learning to play and Ursula didn’t want to be left out. Great fun and great memories for all involved. These indoor family photographs are very special and capturing play in a documentary fashion leads to picture that will be treasured as the years pass.

I hope you like this selection of images from our family photo shoot in Wandsworth. If you would like to book your own session or have any questions about how I work then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.































Headshot Photography in Crouch End and Muswell Hill

Posted in Headshots at 10:35 on 27/01/2017


I’ve known Alex since I was four and so I was thrilled when she got in touch to arrange to update her professional headshot photographs, and perhaps, combine it with dinner. Just the kind of offer I couldn’t refuse. We had last worked together when I took some headshot photographs for Alex back in 2008, then we had a fantastic time taking pictures along the Southbank and utilising all the different architecture and some lovely evening light to great effect.

This time we decided to take the pictures in my Crouch End Studio which I have recently set up to allow me to provide headshot for people in the surrounding areas of Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate and Stroud Green. I have created a variety of different backgrounds that provide optimum variety to the images with a shorter time frame for the photo shoot. Many of my commercial headshot clients are busy people and a half hour session with ten images to choose from and one digital file included in the session fee works brilliantly.

Here are a few favourites from my headshot session with Alex, portrait photographs that will be perfect for use on her company website, for LinkedIn and across her social media platforms. If you are looking for something similar then do get in touch, headshot sessions are available Monday to Friday during daylight hours and are a great way to update your profile pictures.



Fun Family Photography in Chiswick W4

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It was a sunny day in Chiswick for this, my 13th shoot, with one of my all time favourite families. We’ve been working together since 2012 creating a series of albums that the children will have as adults to look back on all the things they used to do together as a family. Since our first shoot when Stella was only six months old we’ve been out and about to parks and other exciting places, we’ve done photo shoots at home and we’ve photographed birthday parties, it’s a fantastic documentary photographic record and I’m incredibly proud of it. It’s been an incredible privilege to have been invited to share so many days with this wonderful family.

For this session we headed to nearby Chiswick to explore the fantastic gardens around Chiswick House. I love going to different places and exploring all the different photographic opportunities offered by the varied locations London has to offer. The children love to run around and play and it’s always fun to find new places for them to explore.

We had a brilliant time at the park, starting by using as the background the incredible neo-Palladian villa built by the third Earl of Burlington as a homage to the renaissance architect Palladio. We arrived really early so we were able to capture these fun family shots with nobody in the background.

Then it was off to play and games galore - Rapunzel being a particular favourite which worked so well with the balcony at the side of the house and then into the woods for a wonderful game of weddings complete with a tree canopy ball room, a procession down the aisle and, of course, a wedding photographer, guess what my role was!

Then we enjoyed a game of hide and seek in the kitchen garden, which was great fun, although I do find it hard to squeeze behind a daffodil bed with all my cameras on! I’m so lucky I get to spend so much of my time playing games; it’s definitely the best job in the world.

Then we finished our photo shoot with some time in the playground, enjoying the beautifully crafted wooden toys and the fun of the sand machine. I’m sure that children must learn so much about fulcrums and pulleys without realising it as they lift and pour the sand and watch it flow down through the slides.

All in all another fabulous day out with this wonderful family. If you have had your family photographed before and think it might be time to update your images, or are thinking about booking your first photo shoot, then do get in touch and we can get something in the diary, regular photo shoots are an incredible gift that you can give your children - memories that they will treasure as they grow up.

To see more of my work as a Family Photographer in Chiswick I hope you like what you see

Get in touch to book a shoot





































A Girl and her Horse - A Teenage Portrait - Just One

Posted in Just One at 14:22 on 24/01/2017


When I first photographed Cate she was two years old, it’s hard for me to believe she is now almost sixteen, time seems to have flown by. The evidence is before my eyes though in the charming, intelligent and interesting young lady she has become. It was such a pleasure to take her portrait at her home in Bath recently.

This was my third visit since the family had moved to Bath and it was lovely to see everyone again and catch up on the news. I always really enjoy family photo shoots that take place outside London as it gives me a chance to see new cities and explore a little. Travelling the night before I was able to relax knowing I would be a short walk away in the morning and also gave me an excuse to go to the cinema and seea film, the indulgences of a night away!

Cate has always been a keen horsewoman and I was thrilled to hear that we would be including some riding in this year’s photo shoot. Arriving early at the country park where the stables are situated we were able to take some stunning portraits in the park before the riding began and it was such fun to include pictures of the dogs enjoying a good run around. The weather was great - thick fog which made for fantastic atmospheric pictures.

I love to photograph in the midst of the action but I also love to take pictures that capture the anticipation, the moment before the big event, the calm before the storm and I love this shot of Cate waiting in the stable door before she heads out for her riding lesson, the main event of our annual photo shoot, it was an easy choice for my Just One. Utilising the soft light that illuminates her features while preserving the dramatic graphics of this near silhouette we have a picture that captures the anticipation of this moment and can be read as a metaphor for the move into adulthood.

I hope you like it as much as I do and I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in arranging your own photo shoot - I photograph children of all ages from newborns through to teenagers and young adults and I would be thrilled to hear from you.