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Family and baby photography featuring triplets in Putney, South London

Posted in Family at 11:00 on 22/03/2015


I had a wonderful time photographing Dominic and his baby triplets in Putney in South London recently, and I'm delighted to share this selection of portraits on the blog with you today. Dominic had contacted me from America in advance of his family holiday to London, as he was keen to arrange a family portrait session as a birthday gift for his wife and to have some pictures taken of his triplet boys, portraits that they would treasure as the children grew up. Dominic had been attracted to my natural, relaxed style of family portrait photography and I was thrilled to book in his session.

Our family photo shoot took place in Putney, where the family were staying in a lovely Air B’n’B - a beautiful house very close to Putney Heath that was filled with lots of natural light, perfect for taking pictures of the triplets.

We started our morning by heading out onto the Heath to take advantage of the morning light, and we had a lovely time taking some family photographs in the woods and some pictures of the boys playing with their parents. They were such relaxed babies, giggling as they were lifted into the air and reaching for each other as they played.

It wasn't long before the first of the boys began to get tired in anticipation of their mid-morning nap and so we decided to head back to the house to ensure that all the babies managed to have a good sleep. I'm always very keen that we stick to the children's routines during a photo shoot, as baby's are always at their best when they’re well-fed and having had plenty of sleep. It helps to keep everyone relaxed if we stick to the normal schedule, and it gives the adults a chance to have a welcome cup of coffee too!

After nap time, we decided that the best place for some more pictures in the house would be to put the duvet on the floor between the sofas in the main room. Usually I'd photograph babies on the main bed, but the light in the bedroom was very dim and also it's important to ensure that the babies are able to roll around and have fun without any risk of falling - when there are three babies, it made sense to work on the floor. It was a great spot with wonderful natural light coming in from a skylight in the kitchen and the children were completely happy and safe, rolling around and trying to very hard to crawl on the lovely soft duvet.

I captured lots of natural portraits as the babies played together, making sure to take a number of shots of all three babies together as well as individual portraits photographs of the triplets and pictures of all the boys with their parents. I was even lucky enough to have some pictures with the boys' Grandpa as he arrived for lunch while I was still taking pictures - it's always lovely to involve grandparents in a photo shoot, as these pictures will be treasured as the years go by.

We had a brilliant time and I'm thrilled with this selection of family and baby portrait photographs taken on location in Putney, South London - I do hope you enjoy them, too.



























Just One - Ben playing at the park - children's portrait photography

Posted in Just One at 10:00 on 20/03/2015


A crisp winter morning at the park is a wonderful place to be, with the children running around, playing and having fun with their parents, completely forgetting about me and the fact that they are having photographs taken. This relaxed approach to children's photography is what, I believe, allows me to capture such beautiful portraits of the children - portraits that tell a story and show the children’s personalities to the full, as well as providing lasting memories of the places the family go to and what they enjoy doing there. I love the fact that the children will never look back on these pictures and think 'that was when we had a photo shoot’, but they will think back to many different days spent at this park and all the fun they had there with their family.

I think this picture of Ben sums up so much of this for me. It's such a natural picture with a wonderful, genuine smile of joy on his face - just what I look for in a children's portrait photograph. I love how we are interacting, with me behind the camera and Ben on his spinning disk, but it's not a formal picture at all - it's a shared joke, a smile of conspiracy (and I would think a lot of amusement, as I was lying flat out in a large patch of mud to capture this picture - thank goodness for full length waterproofs!). I love how we are both at the same level, enjoying this game together, which makes this a lovely intimate picture - it's not photographer and subject, it's playmates together.

I love this portrait, today's ‘Just One’ preview image - a really natural, fun, and relaxed children's portrait photograph that really captures Ben's wonderful personality. I do hope you like it too and if you would like to arrange your own family photography session making use of this wonderful light at the moment, then do contact us - we'd love to hear from you.

Family photography in Battersea, London SW11

Posted in Family at 10:00 on 18/03/2015


Today’s blog post features a morning spent in Battersea Park for a wonderful children and family photography session. As a London based family photographer, I have come to love Battersea Park so much over the years. Like so many of London's great parks, it has a really wide variety of different areas which make for brilliant and creative family photographs. I love how in Battersea, one minute we can be running around in the bright sunshine on the football pitches, then next walking through shaded passageways, exploring the walled gardens or - and this was the real favourite activity for the day - opening and shutting some of the many toddler-sized gates. It's as if Battersea Park has been designed with the whims of a toddler in mind, there are so many gates!

As you will have seen from our Just One preview post from this shoot, opening and shutting gates were the order of the day and we had a great time doing that. But we also did so many other things and it's lovely to share some of these natural family photographs from Battersea Park on the blog with you today.

Henry was an absolute joy to photograph as was his playmate and partner in crime, Boris the dog. I can only imagine what those two will get up to together as they grow up - maybe it is Henry's lovely stripy top, but I can't help thinking of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, my childhood favourites, especially when Henry is grinning his marvellously infectious grin.

We had a lovely time exploring the park and we even climbed the giant boulders, which was incredibly exciting, and lovely for me as I had the opportunity to experiment with some different angles and compositions, shooting down on the family from above. I always strive for the very best imaginative and creative compositions for my family portraiture, I like to produce something really interesting for my clients.

It is this interest in composition that led to one of my favourite pictures from this family photography session, which is the picture of Henry running along, straight towards a giant puddle and his reflection grinning back at him. I'm always on the lookout for moments like this - elements in the environment that I can use to make a picture that bit more visually interesting, more exciting and creating an image that really holds the viewer’s attention while showing us an aspect of a child's personality that is so characteristic and will bring a smile to his parents in years to come. Henry loved puddles, I'm so glad we have caught this excitement in a picture.

I'm also always on the lookout for emotion in my pictures, family portraits that capture the enormous love parents have for their children as they pull them close, laughing and snuggling in together in a giant hug. These images are so precious.

So here we are, a selection of the many fun-filled pictures from our family photography session spent in Battersea Park, London SW11. I hope you will enjoy looking at them and if you would like to book your own family session then do contact us, we have a very few spaces left during the Easter holidays and would love to hear from you.

























Just One - Thomas on the bridge - children's portrait photography

Posted in Just One at 14:00 on 16/03/2015


Today on the blog, I’m delighted to share this ‘Just One’ preview image from a recent family photography session. I knew I was going to love this picture as soon as I saw Thomas run towards this lovely wooden bridge. The sides and the planks at the bottom of the bridge would make such great leading lines, and so I found myself running after him, dropping down to my knees for the correct angle (you can tell a children's photographer at this time of year, we are the ones dressed in waterproof trousers), and then waiting for him to turn round. I had a feeling he would stop and check that his parents and I were keeping up, not getting left behind or having any thoughts about not playing the game.

As I crouched down, Thomas looked around and gave this lovely quizzical look, checking that we were following before he ran further on. I love how you can see his right foot, poised for further scampering. It's a picture that really makes me laugh as it's such a toddler moment - running off, looking round to check they are being followed, and then off again at a pace. Running, checking, laughing - it's all such good fun.

Years ago, I went on an elephant trek in Nepal. One of the elephants had had a baby and this baby elephant did just the same thing - it would run off into the undergrowth and then stop, look round, check its mother was following, and then run off again. Occasionally, realising it had gone just a touch too far, it would wheel round and be back by its mothers side in moments. It was a fantastic day and really made me think about how similar all children are, be they incredibly cute small boys or boisterous baby elephants!

This is also a picture about composition and about premeditation. As a professional children's portrait photographer, I have to work so quickly, to see what is around us, and what might be coming next. I then have to work very, very fast to create a well-composed shot in a fraction of a second, before the action has moved on. I'd never seen this bridge before but as soon as I did see it, I had to think, what is Thomas likely to do? What will make a good picture? What angle will be best for an interesting and exciting composition? What about the light? How will I manage the strong side light and make sure I have a good exposure on Thomas's face without loosing detail elsewhere? All these thoughts go through my head so quickly and then ‘click', the shutter is pressed and it's on to the next thing. It's this speed of working and thinking on my feet that makes children's photography such fun, and drives me to create new and original photographs on each and every session. Pictures that will make my clients smile, and look fantastic hung on the wall.

I do hope you enjoy this, today’s ‘Just One’ preview image from a recent children’s and family portrait session.

Just One - baby and family photography in Muswell Hill, North London

Posted in Just One at 15:00 on 10/03/2015


Sometimes, when I'm downloading my pictures after a family photo shoot, a particular image stops me in my tracks - this was the case with this image of Orla from my recent baby and family portrait session in Muswell Hill, North London.

I'm not sure what caught my eye first - the wonderful expression on Orla's face, so quizzical as she looked at the camera - or was it that fact that she was holding her Daddy's hand in such a tender gesture. Or perhaps it was the relative scale of the different elements in the image, with her Daddy's hand almost bigger than her head, showing just how little baby Orla is at just three months old when I took this picture at her home in Muswell Hill.

I think it might have been a combination of all three - expression, gesture and scale - and those are the elements that made me come back to this image again and again, and why I have chosen it for today’s Just One preview image - I absolutely love it.

The composition works so well as a really graphic image, with Daddy's hand being held by such a tiny one and the two sides of the image balancing brilliantly. We also have a great leading line taking us in from the top left of the image and down past all the fingers to Orla's hand, and then back up to her face with that wonderful expression capturing our imagination and our hearts.

It's images like this that I really love to take - images that transcend the standard family portraits to produce something extraordinary and unrepeatable, mixing knowledge of light with bold composition for a really interesting portrait photograph. It’s a photograph that tells a story and is anchored in time, and that will be loved by the whole family as Orla grows up. It's just the kind of image that I could imagine Orla keeping and having on her wall at university, a baby photograph with a real sense of style.

I hope you like this image as much as I do, today’s Just One preview from our recent baby and family photography shoot in Muswell Hill, North London N10.